5 Things Women Really Want for Valentine's Day ...

With Valentine’s day just around the corner and every store stocked up with Valentine’s themed merchandise (some of it beautiful, some of it kitsch), we just can’t ignore this holiday as it is everywhere we go! And we just really shouldn’t.

It is a well-known cliche phrase that Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday. But Hallmark doesn’t take credit for it. Hallmark holidays are what people perceive as “made up” holidays, created to sell more merchandise, aka commercial holidays.

To tell you the truth, women in love like this holiday, women who are not - will dismiss it almost immediately as a Hallmark holiday. And trust me, it is possible to dismiss Valentine’s day as made up one year, but love it next. Again, I think it really depends on if you are in love or not. I find that many women are being humble and say that they don’t expect anything for Valentine’s day from their partner. Trust me, this is not true. I am yet to meet a woman that doesn’t secretly hope that she will be surprised by her partner. If you are in a relationship, no matter for how long time - she will always appreciate your effort of making this day special - one way or another.

So what do women want for Valentine’s day? Here are few excellent ideas to get you thinking in the right direction.

1. Flowers & Chocolates

I know it’s very trivial, but many women love both! The fact you took the time to pick a bouquet, and shop for her favorite chocolates will be appreciated. If you want to make it extra special, consider custom cake or Valentine macaroons. You could also add a bottle of her favorite wine.