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14 Facts about Valentine's Day That Will Make You Sad ...

By Sici

f you are in a loving relationship, then every February 14th can be one of the best days of the year. Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is supposed to be filled with love, affection, and lovely gifts between partners and crushes, but it might surprise you to hear that the big day isn't always champagne and roses! Here are some facts about Valentine’s Day that will make you sad.

1 Mystery Victorian Cards

In Victorian times, the point was to send Valentine’s cards to your crush, but not to sign them or give any hint of yourself. This creates fun and mystery, but ultimately, you are left with no progress because your crush didn’t know who sent it!

2 Tons of Waste

Every single year, the spike in jewellery being bought for people around the world on Valentine’s Day results in around 34 million extra tons of waste - for one single holiday!? From packaging to balloons and everything in between, V Day is a plastic nightmare.


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3 Depression

Recent surveys have shown that around 10 percent of all young adults admit to feeling more depressed on Valentine’s Day, either because they don’t have someone to celebrate with or they feel too much pressure to make the right choices.

4 Old Candy

You know those candy hearts with little messages on them? A recent expose revealed that some companies keep remainder stock year after year, and without knowing it you could be buying sweets for your boo that are more then five years old!

5 Execution

The origin story of Valentine’s Day is actually a really sad one, in the fact that St. Valentine was a man who performed secret weddings for people, and was executed for his efforts!

6 Overpricing

The cynical side of Valentine’s Day is enough to make anyone sad. Test it out for yourself, I guarantee that the bunches of flowers and boxes of chocolates are much cheaper two weeks before Feb 14th than they are two days before.

7 Sex Pressure

There is a lot of pressure put on Valentine’s Day as being a day when sex is number one on the agenda. This can be quite worrying to a large percentage of women (and some men) around the world who want to feel loved, but don’t want to feel pressured in to doing something they aren’t ready for.

8 Hallmark Strategies

You like to think that your Valentine’s gift choices come from the heart, but the truth is that you are probably just another cog in the huge Hallmark machine who has been tricked in to thinking that you are being original!

9 Not Green

V Day is certainly not a very green holiday. February is still a cold month in most countries, which means that to accommodate for all of the exotic flower buying, there is a huge carbon footprint increase thanks to importing.

10 Profit

To business, Valentine’s Day is all about making a big profit, and they will manipulate as much as they can to make you hand over all your cash!

11 Singles Awareness Day

V Day can be really depressing if you are single and have no one showering you will gifts, and the 15th has been taken up by Singles Awareness Day to give us lonely gals out there something to have in common!


Did you know that this traditional sign off that we see as being romantic kisses actually arose because people tended to be illiterate and not know how to spell their own names?

13 Broken Heart Chocs

Did you know that doctors used to prescribe chocolates as a remedy for a broken heart? It puts them in a slightly different light!

14 Crazy Feasts

The modern tradition for V Day is going to a nice restaurant with your boo, but back in the olden days, the aim for dinner was to eat lots of bizarre foods to encourage vivid dreams, and in those dreams your aim was to visualise your future husband!

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