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20 Feelings You Get when You Are Head over Heels in Love with Someone ...

By Vrinda

If you have been in love, you'll know it is a feeling like no other. Nothing feels that extreme and you will probably never experience something so powerful in your life. You do things for another person that you might not even do for yourself! Here are a few **feelings we have when in love: **

1 Your Love is All I Need to Feel Complete

Sky, Horizon, Sea, Photograph, Ocean,

2 Just when I Think That It is Impossible to Love You Any More, You Prove Me Wrong

Tourism, Architecture, Roof, Travel, Building,

3 Your Happiness is More Important than My Own

People on beach, Vacation, Tree, Beach, Palm tree,

4 If I Know What Love is, It is Because of You

Snow, Winter, Snapshot, Water, Fashion,

5 Every Time I See You, I Fall in Love All over Again

Photograph, Red, People, Love, Romance,

6 I Know I Am in Love with You Because My Reality is Finally Better than My Dreams

Sky, Horizon, Water, Fun, Happy,

7 You Have No Idea How Hard It is to Force Myself to Stop Thinking about You Sometimes

Vacation, Water, Swimming pool, Fun, Leisure,

8 No Matter How Many Fights We May Get into, It Never Matters in the End

Photograph, Snapshot, Street, Mode of transport, Waterway,

9 I’m Much More Me when I’m with You

Tree, Palm tree, Sky, Arecales, Woody plant,

10 You Are My Favorite Notification

People in nature, Sky, Jumping, Happy, Grass family,

11 For Once in My Life, I Don’t Have to Try to Be Happy. when I’m with You, It Just Happens

Photograph, People, Honeymoon, Town, Photography,

12 Ever since I Met You, Nobody else is Worth Thinking about

Swing, Musician, Fun, Music, Fashion accessory,

13 I Smile like a Kid Every Time I See You

Sky, Surfboard, Ocean, Extreme sport, Wave,

14 All That You Are is All That I’ll Ever Need

Photograph, Mountainous landforms, Mountain, Wilderness, Sky,

15 In a Sea of People, My Eyes Will Always Be Searching for You

Photograph, Rain, Snapshot, Night, Metropolis,

16 I Want to Wake up at 2 Am, Roll over, See Your Face, and Know That I’m Right Where I’m Supposed to Be

Barechested, Male, Human, Human body, Leg,

17 At the End of the Day, You Are Who I Want to Come Back to

Wall, Male, Human, Leg, Arm,

18 Forget the Butterflies; I Feel the Whole Zoo when I Am with You

Photograph, Formation, Sea, Water, Beauty,

19 I SmilE for No Reason when I Think of You

Arm, Fun, Photography, Leisure, Happy,

20 When I'm with You, Everyone else Disappears

People on beach, People in nature, Fun, Water, Happy,

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