The 9 Best Things about Serious Relationships ...


The 9 Best Things about Serious Relationships ...
The 9 Best Things about Serious Relationships ...

We all know that it's fun being single, but let's be honest. Once you found the love of your life, you'll never want to go back to your single days. Just because you're committed to one person doesn't mean the fun ends--it's actually the beginning of a whole new life! Here are the best things about being in a serious relationship.

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You Don’t Have to Worry about Looking Silly

hair, face, nose, blond, beauty, You're totally and completely comfortable in your own skin. So much so that you might even think that nothing could ever embarrass you! At the end of the day you won't look back and question if what you did was TOO silly or TOO stupid, because your significant other will love you no matter what.


You No Longer Obsess about Every Single Text Message

black and white, image, darkness, monochrome photography, monochrome, The days of trying to decode texts for secret hidden meanings are long gone. If a text comes off weird or an emoji seems a bit random and out of place, you won't stress--you'll just laugh it off and not take anything too seriously. When you don't have to question where your relationship stands, a silly text won't make you obsess. Even better? You won't have to spend a long time trying to come up with clever things to text.


You No Longer Have to Spend Hours Getting Ready

pink, room, dress, gown, interior design, If you're wearing sweat pants with your hair in a messy bun, he'll tell you how attractive you look! It's still nice to dress up every now and then, but you no longer feel the need to dress up and spend hours getting ready every single time you hang.


Talking about the Future Isn’t Scary

man, facial hair, screenshot, wanna, marry, You're not scared about what the future holds because you know that the two of you will be together and going strong. Kids? Buying a house? Bills? You're not scared but genuinely excited to start your life together.


If You Need a Break from Your Family You Can Just Call Your Other Family

black and white, people, monochrome photography, Your fam is his fam and vice versa. If your side of the family is driving you crazy, you've got another fam to hang with. You're so close that you call his mom your mom, too.


When You Say “Netflix and Chill,” You Literally Mean “let’s Watch Netflix and Chill.”

image, film, Cuddling on the couch and binge watching season after season of Game of Thrones? Yes. Please. There's no strings attached--you're literally just watching tv and cuddling, which is absolute perfection.


You Can Order Real Food Instead of Cute Food

image, red, lady, interaction, Vhr, Admit it. No great story started out with ordering a salad, so you order that huge burger and large fries and ENJOY IT. There's no judging here.


Awkward Silences Are a Thing of the past

person, horizon, morning, romance, love, You know when you feel like you have to fill the air and feel uncomfortable when there is a pause in conversation? Yeah, that doesn't happen anymore. You could enjoy long hours sitting in silence and feel perfectly fine.


You Always Know He Has Your Back, No Matter What

screenshot, interaction, romance, Don't, worry, No matter what's going on in your life, you can always count on him to be there standing by your side. He won't run away in hard times, but will stand confidently and proudly next to you.

Based off of all of these signs, do you feel like you're in a serious relationship? When was the moment that you realized how serious things were and that you can be yourself? Comment below!

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Everyone of these are so true about my boyfriend and I.. Wow

I love my baby

Who is he? He's so adorable

This is so true!

I'm looking forward to all of these💕

So cute!

Best decision I ever made! My relationship is just thee best

It's so comforting and serene to know that you have "the one".

I'm in a serious relationship. These are all true

I love my relationship SO much!!!😍😍

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