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New relationships are exciting. You’ve got all these dreams of how your relationship could go. You want to experience new things together and learn all about each other. All of those are good things, but you also need to think about some goals for your relationship so that it has the best chance of success.

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See Where It Goes

A good goal to have is to see where your relationship goes. Don’t put pressure on yourselves to be a committed couple too soon or rush your relationship. Part of the magic of a new relationship is in enjoying the journey. Just see where it takes you. If it’s mean to be, it’ll happen.


Be Open and Honest

Another good goal to set is to always be open and honest with each other. This doesn’t mean that you have to tell everything but that you don’t hide things. You’re honest and trustworthy. Sometimes it’s hard to be honest at the beginning of a relationship because you’re nervous about what the other person may think. But remember that the right person would never think poorly of you. They’ll respect you for the person your experiences have made you.


Take Time for Each Other

A great goal to set is to take time for each other. Make it a goal to make time to talk each day and have a special way to connect. There are times in all relationships when you can’t see each other daily. That happens despite your best intentions. But making sure to connect each day is a good goal.


Think before You Speak

This is a good personal goal to set in a relationship. Some people struggle with this more than others. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t always filter what you say, a new relationship is a good time to make a decision to work on this. It’s good motivation; you want your relationship to be at its best. Thinking before you speak can help with that.


Learn about Each Other’s Interests

This is an easy goal to reach. Learning about each other is part of the fun of a new relationship. You learn what interests you share and what interests you differ on. You may get to try new things because of your relationship and your partner can, too. If you don’t like it, that’s okay. It’s a new experience for you and you may find you love something new that you can share together.


Be Real about What You’re Feeling

Vow to be real about what you’re feeling in this relationship. Don’t allow yourself to hide your emotions. You’re worth honoring your feelings. If you’re angry, sad, happy, excited or any other emotion, be real with it. Share those feelings with your new partner. You want their honesty so you know they feel the same way.


Have Fun Together

Lastly, make it a goal to have fun together! That’s part of what makes your relationship worthwhile. It’s honestly the glue for your relationship. Couples who are having fun together are more likely to have happy relationships. It makes sense, right? It also gives your relationship a better chance at lasting forever.

These are 7 good goals to consider making in a new relationship. Which of these do you plan to use in your relationship? I’d love your feedback!

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What if it's a long distance relationship

Real I ve a relationship which is so boaring

Filtering what i say is at the top of the list for me

Great points. Enjoy day by day.

Point # 4 "Think before you speak" is the most important & best goal that each couple have to take care of it. If this point will be applied in life then everything will be ok. There will love ,understanding , respect , fun , enjoying with each other (everything will come automatically) only just because of this goal which we really have to apply in our relationships , in our married life. Its totally personal experience i shared. Best article ... Love it ... Thnx alot

#Being Open and Honesty #To be real about how I feel. I'm thankful to all the contributors of this Blog, there is so much to learn how to make things better in life.

These should be never ending goals. The minute you reach the end, distractions become attractions. As long as you've both willing to continue learning about the other and discover each other constantly, you'll be forever happy.

Nice info.. Thanks..

Or just enjoy being in a relationship...

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