7 Things You Should Know before Starting a Serious Relationship ...


There are a few things you need to think about before starting a serious relationship. While having a partner definitely has a good side, there are some disadvantages too – some people feel smothered, you could develop new insecurities, or you could find yourself worrying about whether he feels the same way…it’s a minefield. You can avoid feeling loopy by thinking things through before starting a serious relationship, which makes the whole thing much more fun. Here’s what you should consider…

1. It Doesn’t Need to Be Love

We’ve all seen the romantic comedies and TV shows where couples are madly in love as soon as they find each other. They could be an old married couple from the word go. That’s not overly realistic in real life. You could be waiting a long time if you wait for those fireworks! Stop building up your expectations, and instead consider whether you like the person, and whether you’d like to see them exclusively on a regular basis. That’s it. If the answer is yes, move forward. It's really important to check your expectations before starting a serious relationship, though, or you'll set yourself up for failure.

They Aren’t a New Body Part


Does that guy look like the guy from blank space?
Love at first sight for my guy and I. And still Madly in love Years later
Adea R. Ademi
Really nice advice..though sometimes its not really that simple..u might love someone and they might love you and eventhough the situation and time are not right..u still get in a serious relationship. Everyones lives are not just simple as that..but then again a relationship takes quite a responsibility.
The guy in the picture is the guy from the "Blank Space" video!
Thank you.
Good advice ...
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