17 Things You Should Want 🙌🏼 to do for Your Partner 💑 ...


You shouldn't be annoyed when you have to help your boyfriend out of a jam. You should consider it your pleasure. If you hate all of the things you feel like you're obligated to do for him, then you probably shouldn't be together. Here are a few things that you should want to do for your partner:

1. Buy Him Gifts

Buy Him Gifts

You should have fun searching through stores, trying to find the perfect present for him. You know unwrapping it would make him smile, which is why it should make you smile.

Be His Shoulder to Cry on


..... these are things u should do for your HUSBAND
@Hanna Larsson what men "should" do is written on men's resources ;)
Hanna Larsson
But this article focused on what women "should" do and not men. That does not at all mean they should not do the same, they should. But the article wasn't about that. Btw, allWOMENstalk... This site is written for women.
Awesome article!
It's all true. That's why I'm happily married :)
Shannon Bauer
I am so sorry about that I know not I miss that open the boys fling thin through my life about it and also can me and so mad and going though that
Hmmm.. I find this article to be severely sexist, and deceiving. It says, "partner," so why are women doing all of these things for men? Where are the other types of couples? Also, who the hell says W...
What about her
About her
Jo Brooks
So basically, be his mommy. This list is so elementary and immature. Have you ever even been in a real adult relationship?
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