5 Things You Shouldn't do on the First Date ...


5  Things You Shouldn't do on the First Date ...
5  Things You Shouldn't do on the First Date ...

There are lots of things you shouldn't do on the first date. So the cute guy from work or the dog park or the grocery store asked you out on a date! You're super excited! Your dating life could depend on this one date. So don't ruin it! How can you ruin a date? Well on the first date, there should be certain things you should avoid talking about so you can snag that second date!

Here are 5 things you shouldn't do on the first date.

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Talking about past Relationships

We think this is pretty standard and common sense. So why do people still do this? Don't do it. Especially if you and the ex broke up on really bad terms. We harbor those feelings and once the subject is brought up, we can go full throttle with the details. That can make a guy uncomfortable or side-eye you. Wouldn't it make you uncomfortable if your date started going on and on about what a cold-hearted (expletive) his ex is and how she ruined his life? Or if he tells you that although he and his supermodel girlfriend split up, they still hang out and are the best of friends (she even texts while you guys are in the middle of the date)! Wouldn't that make you feel weird? Well, guys are the same way when it comes to us. You can share small details but if you have a tendency to overshare, then don't share at all. Especially if you're having drinks. Loose lips sink ships! And that's one of the top things you shouldn't do on the first date.


Going on and on about Yourself

We all know the guy or girl who goes on and on about themselves and doesn't bother to ask you a single question about you. They want to let you know all about themselves because they're either nervous and can't help but blab or they are truly narcissistic and just want to shoot off all these great accomplishments they've achieved since they were five years old. Yes, we want to know about you. But take a breather and ask your date some questions about himself too.


Complaining about the Restaurant, Food, Service, Server or the Couple Next to You

This is assuming that you go to a restaurant on your first date. Complaining about how you were at the restaurant a week ago and you found a fly in your drink isn't exactly endearing to your date. Or how the server constantly gets your order wrong or how their vegan selection sucks. No one likes a complainer. You can voice a concern or even complain a couple of times but keep it to a minimum.


Pulling Your Phone out to Take Pictures to Post on Instagram

Constantly pulling out your phone to text, call or take pictures of every single food item in front of you to post on your social media is rude and annoying.


Bringing up Your Mommy or Daddy or Backstabbing Friend Issues

Your friend slept with your ex and now you're going to hang out with her's or your mom was a perfectionist and it still affects you or your dad was a jerk and loved your brothers more than you….it's all bad and you shouldn't overshare on this aspect either. You can talk about your family. In fact, it's encouraged so the guy will have a good sense of your background. But if you have family issues, try to keep the painful details to a minimum. Guys really don't like girls with daddy issues.

You can have a fun and easy date by sticking to lighthearted and fun subjects. You also have to gauge your date and see if it's okay to bring up certain subjects. Sometimes, your date may encourage you to talk about your ex. If that's the case, then do it but still be selective about what you share. And if you want to bring up all the subjects on this list….just wait until the second date! :-)

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