13 Things You Shouldn't Say in an Argument ...


There are definitely some things you shouldn’t say in an argument. I mean, I know that tempers are fraying and you are beyond mad, and probably quite hurt, but uttering some words can make the fight seem so much worse. If you aren’t careful, a heated argument can become an all-out war, and maybe even the end of a great relationship. Keep your wits about you, though, and avoid these things you shouldn't say in an argument.

1. It’s over

It’s over

This has to be one of the top things you shouldn’t say in an argument. However hurt and upset you are, keep things like this to yourself unless you actually mean it. The same goes for declaring that you are moving out, or that you want a divorce. Unless it’s actually happening, and you are completely sure, don’t say it.

I’m Fine


Also, never compare them to anyone!
@Megan Mena i was in a bad relation ship and it ended really badly just try to not let him bother u if he calls u a bitch just pretend like it didnt hurt u i had a friend that kept calling me that and...
@Megan Mena it's time to go woman. Be strong, no woman deserves to be treated like that.
@Megan Mena those are just material things that don't matter at the end. It's your safety and health that does and let him burn your stuff it doesn't matter. Call the cops and they will gladly help yo...
Megan Mena
@Henrietta Bagazonzya the only problem I have is being able to escape the relationship ship without an ugly fight & he always threats to burn all my clothes & make up so I can't leave the him....
Henrietta Bagazonzya
If your partner is calling a bitch, and doesn't understand or acknowledge how you feel he is being emotionally abusive. You don't want to be in a relationship like this.
Megan Mena
What if your other partner always ask whats wrong with you ? & you don't want to speak at the moment & tell them I don't want to talk right now & they keep pushing it & keep calling yo...
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