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7 Things Your Man Should Never Say to You ...

By Alicia

We all say things that can be hurtful from time to time. After all, we’re human. But there are some things that your man should never say to you. If you’re wondering where to draw the line, here’s some guidance.

1 Negative Remarks about Your Appearance

Negative remarks about your appearance are unkind. It’s okay if you ask his opinion on something such as a shirt or makeup look and he doesn’t like it. What we’re talking about here are remarks that are out of the blue and solely for the purpose of putting you down. You don’t deserve to be treated that way. If a man can’t see your value then he doesn’t deserve you.

2 Comparisons to His Ex-girlfriend

This isn’t something any girl wants to hear. Allow this exactly one time. The first time your boyfriend compares you to his ex in any way, stop him and tell him that’s not acceptable. The only reason to even allow it once is it’s possible it’s a comparison in the sense of him saying something like you’re talented like she was. Even if it’s a positive comparison, make it clear that it’s something you don’t want to hear.

3 Negative Remarks about Your Weight

Your man should never say negative things about your weight. If you have an issue with weight then you’re already aware of that. I understand because my weight hasn’t always been exactly what I wanted it to be, either. The only exception to this situation is if your weight is causing you health problems and your man is lovingly expressing concern for your well-being. In that situation, it’s not an insult, it’s concern because he cares about you.

4 Telling You He Hates You

This isn’t acceptable, even in the heat of an argument. You both may be angry but you can still choose to show maturity. Telling someone you hate them leaves lasting wounds. If you love a person, you love them even in the midst of very bad days. You may not like them but you still love them.

5 Any Assassination of Character Statements

Assassination of character is when you attack the person’s character rather than addressing the issue at hand. It might be in the form of being told you’re a bad person, you’re lazy or other negative statements. Assassination of character is never helpful and erodes your relationship quickly. It’s possible for a person to change this habit, but they have to be very determined in order to do so. This isn’t something you should tolerate in a relationship.

6 That He’s Better than You

Teasing is okay. Maybe your man is teasing you that he’s better than you at cooking or parallel parking. Those types of things are in the spirit of fun. What’s unacceptable is if your man truly believes he’s better than you as a person or that you’re not worthy of him. Never put up with a man that doesn’t value you!

7 Any Threats of Harm

Girls, if a man ever threatens you, take him very seriously. That’s a red flag that you’re in serious danger and should get away. Abuse in relationships is real and is never acceptable. The man that loves you will protect you from danger, not endanger you. Get away from a man like this immediately for your own safety.

These are 7 things your man should never say to you. You’re a valuable, beautiful person who deserves to be treated as such. What would you add to this list?

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