Avoid These 7 Things when Texting Your Crush ...


Avoid These 7 Things when Texting Your Crush ...
Avoid These 7 Things when Texting Your Crush ...

Are you crushing on someone hot this summer? If so, you want to avoid doing these 7 things when you’re texting them. By doing so, you can actually get closer to your crush. You may end up with them as your boyfriend, which is undoubtedly the goal!

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Blowing up His Phone

Okay, girlies, I know this is very tempting! After all, you think he’s just amazing and you want to talk to him all the time. I get it. But you don’t want to constantly blow up his phone. As difficult as it is, you need to give him some space. Show your interest but don’t let it go overboard.


Texting at the Wrong Time

If you know your crush has plans then hold your texts. Even if he loves talking to you and may be interested in you as his potential GF, there are just times it’s better not to text. If he’s having dinner with his family or hanging with the guys, respect that he’s busy and hold your texts till later. Get busy doing something of your own while you’re waiting for him to be free to talk. Use this time to hang out with your friends, work out or do whatever makes you happy while you’ve got the free time.


Texting Him First All the Time

We’re modern women. We know it’s okay for us to text a guy first. But, you don’t want to text him first all the time. You can but if you do then you’re cheating yourself a little bit. You want to give him the opportunity to miss you and then shoot you a text.


Pressuring Him into Dating

Girls, you don’t want to ever pressure a crush into dating you even if you think he’s the greatest guy in the entire world. Relationships that start like that often end badly. Instead, make it your goal to be friendly and flirty. Let him know you’re single but don’t push things. If he’s interested then he’ll let you know so have no worries about that issue.


Trying to Make Him Jealous

This trick could backfire, especially if his interest is still minimal toward you. Yes, it’s sort of cute when you see that a guy is a tiny bit jealous but it’s not worth the risk to try to cause that. You want to build his interest in you. Trying to make him jealous could push him away. He might even think that he’s infringing on another guy’s territory and back away.


Pushing for More

Here’s a little secret, ladies. Guys don’t like clingy girls, but they love confident girls. And you have every right to be confident in your beautiful self! You can show your interest in him without resorting to doing things like begging him to text you or other clingy actions. You won’t have to do those things if he’s interested and if he’s not then move on to the next cutie!


Texting Things You’d Be Embarrassed if Other People Saw

This is always a good rule to follow in any kind of technology. Never text, say or post anything that you’d be embarrassed if other people saw. Even if the chances are slim, there’s still a chance. Keep it clean and you’ll have no regrets. The girl you are is enough to win a guy’s heart without sending texts you don’t want anyone to know about.

These are 7 things to avoid when texting your crush. Are you crushing on someone? I always love to hear from readers!

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Crush is someone you cant have so whatever you do it will not work!

I did all of it. It's my way.

Texting is fine, sexting can come back to haunt you,

I won't even go there...

The last point is so important!

About the third point, what if I texted him first all the time and when I realized how silly I'd been I stopped and he did not talked to me, I mean by texting? :(

My guy loves me a lot ,I think we both did many of these things :D

I love this post!!! I have been trying to avoid all these to my crush... Now I see this post, I n glad that it looks like I didn't do anything not good...

I'm liking a person in about three years from now, I flirt him thru messages and qoutes but I guess these efforts doesn't work, more post please

I love this post 😁 it's very helpful & I'm crushing on someone right now

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