7 Things Your BF Will Never do if He Really Wants You ...

By Holly

Trust is essential in a long-lasting relationship. However, there's more than one thing that you need to trust your boyfriend not to do to you. You need to believe with all of your heart that he's on your side and would never intentionally hurt your feelings. Here are a few things you need to believe your boyfriend would never do to you:

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He Would Never Cheat on You

When someone asks you if you trust your boyfriend, you'll probably assume that they're asking you if you believe he'll be loyal to you. After all, trusting him not to cheat is one of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship. You can't keep dating someone if you can imagine them running off with another girl. You need to have faith in their faithfulness.


He Would Never Lie to You

Little white lies are unavoidable. Your boyfriend will occasionally lie to you about how clean the dishes are or about how late he stayed up the night before. However, you have to believe that he would never lie to you about the big things in life, like how much money he makes and how much he loves you.


He Would Never Talk Badly about You

On sitcoms, every husband complains about their wife, or their "old ball and chain." However, you have to believe that your man would never act so rudely toward you. When he's out with his buddies, you should know that he only has good things to say about you. There's no reason for him to insult you when you're perfect for each other.


He Would Never Leave You

If you're constantly worried about the possibility of your boyfriend leaving you, your relationship will suffer. You could end up pushing him away with your accusations. If you always claim that he doesn't love you enough to stay and that he can do better, he'll start wondering if it's the truth. That's why it's in your best interest to trust that your boyfriend won't leave you anytime soon.


He Would Never Flirt with Other Women

Some people think that flirting is an innocent act. Hopefully your boyfriend isn't one of those people. It's important for you to believe that he would never intentionally lead on another girl or flirt with her when he has you at home.

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He Would Never Leave You out

You shouldn't be worried about your boyfriend going to a party without you or watching the newest season of Orange is the New Black without you. You should trust him to involve you in things that he knows you'd be interested in. If he really loves you, then the thought of doing something fun without you won't even cross his mind. He'll want to be around you as often as possible.


He Would Never do the Wrong Thing

You need to trust your boyfriend's judgement. If he decides to hang out with a new group of friends, you should have faith in the fact that they're good people. If your boyfriend is smart, then he won't make stupid decisions. Of course, we all make mistakes, so there's nothing wrong with voicing your concerns if he looks like he's headed down the wrong road.

If you trust your boyfriend and he trusts you back, your relationship should run smoothly. Do you think your boyfriend would ever do any of these things to you?

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Well hope that your boyfriend wouldn't cheat but if he is human anything is possible

It's hard to trust someone when they give you bits and pieces of information when suitable to them. You stand up for him and become the bad person alienating others only to find out that your man deserved what he got cos he was doing shit behind your back while out. You can trust someone who tells you the full story however it's hard to trust someone when they see you stand up for them and argue with others that wrong was done to your man all the while ur man has not told you crucial part of the story that THEN makes everything fall into place and guess what " you're then the bad person " for trusting your man blindly ! I'm a Scorpio I may be untrusting but was loyal to a fault only to have it all fall back in my face . Not all man lie and not all men tell you the full story- it's what's convenient to him at that moment . Someone can live with u for 7 yrs knowing how they fooled you with lies about purchasing houses, money they make, take loans under your name , use your money and turn around and tell you to F OFF JUST AS EASILY. As mentioned above not all men are the same and not all women are same .

I love this article💕

this is bullshit sorry lmaoooo 😂😂😂 I was recently in a relationship and he said "I will never leave you I promise" then the next week he left .... he constantly flirted with other girls... and literally lied about everything but that's just my experience

My ex did all these.*confused*

I jJUST broke up with my bf... He does all these... Except I never thought he'd leave me, funny how I had to leave him ;(

Unless we live in fairy tale life

Well, this article is so true base on hope which is the same faith! I know all things are possible, and when it's all coming our way is for our very own best! I have everything I ever wanted in my relationship! God is the only one with a higher purpose in our life's!

My love and I actually try up-hold all elements of this article. At times it feels impossible or unrealistic but relationships are hard work and need to be nurtured. Through this process we only get stronger. Stunning article. So much truth on functionality of a strong and long relationship.

This is a silly article. Just because you love someone, don't mean you shouldn't be wary.