The Reasons You Should ⛔️ Never "Keep Score" if You Want Your 💑 Relationship to Last ⏳⌛️ ...


It’s easy to fall into the temptation of keeping score in your relationship, but it’s not a healthy habit. It makes you feel discontent and unhappy. These are some specific ways that keeping the score in your relationship could bring it to a sad end.

1. You’ve Got Your Thoughts Centered on Negativity

When you keep score then you’ve got your thoughts centered on the negative in your relationship. You’re noticing things that are hurtful and need improvement. While you want to be honest with yourself about your relationship, you also want to balance your relationship in your heart. That means you work to notice the positive, too. Keeping a fair view of your relationship is what’s fair to you.

You’re Finding That It's Difficult to Keep up with Who’s Ahead


Mymy S Ellison
I think this is something I need to work on!
Luke Belair
Yes very cool!!
Amazing post. What's their name? *couple in photo*
But DO pay attention to habits that become patterns of bad behavior and disrespect. Not worth the trouble imo.
peony blue
goodness having that attitude would drain you from the get go just enjoy he relationship or you miss out on the fun.
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