7 Tips for How to Handle an Office Romance ...


If you find yourself in a relationship at work, it’s not going to be all plain-sailing and you need some pointers in how to handle an office romance. It’s strange that there is so much etiquette about love in the workplace considering how many people meet their partners at work. Businesses of all sorts are obviously concerned that people getting together at work could have an impact on their productivity and their colleagues, but if you know how to handle an office romance, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a successful career and a successful relationship.

1. Review Your Company’s Policy on Dating

Companies have varying policies on how to handle an office romance. Some ban dating among co-workers altogether, some ban it only within a chain of authority, and some don’t ban office romances, but they must be conducted within certain agreed-upon parameters. Companies that allow it still must enforce any hint of sexual harassment, so discretion is extremely important. In companies where interoffice dating is banned, you will have to address the possibility that one of you will likely lose your job if it’s discovered.

Stay on Your Own Level in the Hierarchy


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