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Are you looking for ways to get him to open up? Maintaining a happy and a healthy relationship is never easy; it takes a lot of work, patience and sometimes even sacrifices, but you know that all your effort is not in vain when you see that gorgeous smile on your significant other’s beautiful face and especially in those moments when you feel connected to each other. For some people, dropping their guard enough to let you in can be quite difficult and it can take some time. Don’t despair though, just read on and discover a few very helpful ways to get him to open up:

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Go Easy

One of the best ways to get them to open up is by simply going easy and by not pushing them too hard. Let them set the pace of your relationship for a while and don’t put so much pressure on them! Focus on feeling comfortable with each other and just have fun. Don’t worry; they will open up when they will feel the need to do it.


Lead by Example

If you want your partner to be more open and to share more intimate thoughts and feelings with you, then lead by example and be open yourself. This way, you are demonstrating what you want to receive in return and usually, when you tell someone something very personal about you, they will feel the need to do the same.


Pay Attention

Pay attention to every little thing that they are telling you, to their every small gesture and encourage them to go on when you notice that they would like to entrust you with something. Just remember that nothing encourages somebody to open up more than having an attentive and genuinely interested listener.


Ask Small Questions

Try not to ask complicated questions because you will put pressure on them by requesting so many details. Just ask simple questions that will allow them to share as much as they feel the need to do at a certain time. Try to find a conversational thread and gently pull.


Be Aware of Body Language

Body language plays an important part in communication, so pay attention to what you are saying with your body. Your posture, your gestures and even your eye contact can send your partner a lot of messages, so make sure you send the right ones.Focus on making them feel comfortable in your company.


Stay in the Sweet Spot

Make sure you always stay in the sweet spot. Don’t be too demanding and try not to suffocate your partner with all your insecurities. Give them time to feel comfortable with you and show them that you love them no matter what and that you accept them just as they are, with all their qualities and their flaws.


Avoid Interrogations

If you want to make your partner to open up, then make sure you avoid interrogations as much as possible. Nobody likes to be questioned regarding every little thing that they do, I’m sure you don’t either, so show them you trust them, be empathetic and don’t take their reticence personally.

Every relationship develops in its own way, since every individual follows their own path and their own timetable, so try to give your relationship a little encouragement along the way by being more relaxed and by having more fun together. Do you know any other ways to get your partner to open up? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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