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9 Easy Ways to Be a Better Flirt ...

By Holly

There are ways to be a better flirt that involve enhancing some of the qualities you already have. Flirting is an art, which means it helps to practice. You won't become great at it, unless you try again and again, without stressing out when you fail. Here are some of the ways to be a better flirt by using your best qualities to your advantage:

1 Patience

You can't walk up to a guy, smile a little, and expect him to be putty in your hands. Sure, some men will fall for you at first sight, but others will want to get to know you. You might not get his phone number during your first conversation. It could take a few weeks of flirting to achieve your goal. One of the ways to be a better flirt is to be patient, because nothing good happens without effort.

2 Confidence

If you're slouching, with your head down, then no one is going to be able to see your pretty face. Keep your head held high so that you're able to make eye contact with other gorgeous guys and gals. Everybody loves confidence, so think about all of your great traits, and act like you're a prize--because you are!


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3 Adventurousness

No one wants to spend their entire life doing the same things day after day. People like a bit of variety, so if you show your adventurous side, you'll be enticing. A day with you is a day unlike any other.

4 Courage

It takes guts to put yourself out there. You need courage in order to approach a hot guy and show your interest. Don't worry about being rejected, because another cutie might see how brave you were, and try to flirt with you.

5 Attentiveness

No matter how cute a guy is, pay attention to what he's saying to you. You can't reply with something clever if you don't have a clue what he's talking about. Men like a pretty face, but you'll never end up in a relationship with him if you aren't able to communicate.

6 Sincerity

You don't like talking to liars, do you? When you flirt with someone, they should trust that your words are true. If they don't, then it'll be the last conversation you two will ever have. However, if they believe that your compliments are genuine, you might have a chance at a new relationship.

7 Playfulness

You can't flirt by being super serious all of the time. You need to tease him and act a little childish every once in a while. He'll love the lightheartedness. It'll show him how much fun you are to be around.

8 Creativity

You shouldn't stick to cliché compliments. When you like someone, you'll have plenty of good things to say about them, so don't tell him something boring like that you like his eye color or the size of his muscles. Pick out something unique to him to compliment, and he'll be impressed you noticed.

9 Flexibility

Every guy is different, so you can't expect to use the same flirting techniques on everyone. You have to be willing to alter your approach. Don't be stubborn by refusing to change your ways.

Flirting is fun when you find the right partner. Don't be shy, and go chat it up with a cutie! Do you have any flirting moves that work?

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