7 Ways to Get His Attention without Using Your Looks ...

By Holly

If you see a cute guy, but aren't comfortable strutting your stuff to get him to like you, there are other ways to get his attention. Your looks aren't everything. Even though men are visual creatures, they understand that you have a personality attached to your face and body. Here are some ways to get his attention without showing skin (or while you're showing skin):

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Let Him Know

One of the best ways to get his attention is by giving him attention. You don't have to shower him with compliments, but at least let him know that you exist. If you see him walk past you, acknowledge him. If you're not close enough to chat, give him a flirty smile or simply make eye contact.


Put on Perfume

His sight isn't his only sense. By wearing perfume with a delicious scent, you could capture his attention. Plus, every time that he smells the scent in the future, he'll automatically think of you. It's a way to stay on his mind, even when you're not around.


Sweetly Socialize

If you don't want to approach him to chat, talk to the people around him. If you're in class together and he never hears you speak, the only way he'll be attracted to you is if he likes your looks. By being friendly to others when he's around, he'll see what a great gal you are. He might even strike up a conversation to get a few moments alone with you.


Converse with Confidence

When you're answering a question, don't trail off or make your statement sound like you're asking another question. Be confident when you speak. Even though everyone knows what it feels like to be nervous, people gravitate toward individuals that act like they know what they're doing.


Allow Laughter

Laughter is a beautiful sound. Don't laugh at everything you see, but don't hold back your giggles either. Men like to be around women that are fun, and that enjoy life. If he sees you genuinely laugh at something without holding back, he's sure to notice how happy you are, and be enticed.

Famous Quotes

To give oneself earnestly to the duties due to men, and, while respecting spiritual beings, to keep aloof from them, may be called wisdom.


Don't Hide Away

You can't get his attention if you're never around. If you know that he works at a local restaurant, and you avoid that restaurant, you're doing yourself a disservice. Go down there occasionally in order to see him. Just don't show up too often, because you don't want to come across as a 'creeper.'


Be Yourself

It sounds cliche, but this saying is so popular, because it's true. If you love babbling on about a certain celebrity or spouting out corny jokes, don't suppress those topics in order to impress a guy. If you do, and you attract someone, he won't be the right person for you. But if you're always yourself, then the guys that pay attention to you will be worth your time.

While your lean legs and fabulous face are excellent guy magnets, your personality is equally important. If a guy doesn't care about your personality, then why would you want to be with him? You need someone that cares about whom you are as a person, and that goes deeper than your looks. What was the first thing you noticed about your crush, or current partner?

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uhmmm...i totes agree but,CMON!!!EVRBD IS NERVOUS

I'm in a similar situation, he's single but won't let me go. We've known each other 37 years & we are very close & share an incredible bond. Good luck x

what do you do if you want to date but you're not allowed to but you need someone for company?

Melissa... if he's fond of you, I'd go quiet... it may work, but I don't know him & only you do


salt and pepper hair

hi, I'm Nikki and I met this guy a few weeks ago, we Skype like every night we expresses our feeling towards each, but now I feel like he's slipping aways. he's so smart, funny, straight forward... I really like him what should I do?

Gurls it's me the one and only lurv moktor back to u now for advice on how to deal with the opposite sex whether he be a sexy frog or a smooth talking gazelle. Stay in touch for more tips and blogs which r soon to come! I lurv u gals ur fav babe xx69;)

I agree

his lips..and body