7 Tips for "Taking a Break" in Your Relationship ...


You may need these tips for taking a break in your relationship if you have reached a point where the two of you need to evaluate yourselves and your partnership. “Taking a break” doesn’t necessarily mean you will break up. Sometimes the time apart will help you realize how much the other person means to you (or help them realize how much you mean to them). It can reestablish the appreciation for one another and help you grow closer in the long run. These are some basic tips for taking a break in your relationship that you should follow if you both agree that some time apart is needed.

1. Set Boundaries

The most important of all of the tips for taking a break in your relationship is to set boundaries beforehand. Are you allowed to date other people? Will the two of you go on one date per week? Are you both allowed to “hook-up” with others? Lay down some ground rules now so that there aren’t hurt feelings, tears and distrust later on. It may sound like an obvious tip, but many many couples go on a relationship hiatus without setting basic ground rules. Don’t just discuss them, write them down or print them out and you each keep a copy so there are no “misunderstandings” as to what is acceptable and what is not.

Stick to Your Rules


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