What Should You do when You Fancy Your Friend's Ex? ...


It can be hard to decide what to do when you fancy your friend’s ex. Do you ignore your feelings? Admit them to your friend? Or should you approach him – since, after all, your friend isn’t with him anymore?! It can lead to some pretty awkward situations, and if you handle it wrong, it could mark the end of your friendship. So here’s some handy tips on what to do when you fancy your friend’s ex.

1. Analyze the Ending…

The first step when you fancy your friend’s ex is to work out how she’s likely to feel. Start by thinking about when the relationship ended. If you like her ex and they split up within the last fortnight, she’s likely to be pretty upset – it’s a good idea to wait a while, in those circumstances. If it’s within a month of the split, tread carefully. If they split a while ago and she’s moved on, it’ll be much less drama and she’ll be much more likely to support you trying to have a relationship with him. There’s no guarantees when it comes to people’s emotions, but if they split a while ago and they have no feelings for each other, you should be okay to move forward.

Think about the Relationship…


Da Wubsta
Da Wubsta
Every situation is different. The article speaks from a generalized point of you
That's so rude, Jenny. You don't know the situation, and even if you did, it's not your place to judge or put down another woman. A friend and I dated each other's exes with no hard feelings.
ellie youre a slut for dating your friends ex
Honestly I have to go against this post, especially the part saying to analyze how he was with your friend, I am going on 2 years in a relationship with a friends ex, he was not a very good boyfriend ...
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