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7 Healthy Ways to Get Back at an Ex ...

By Holly

After a bad breakup, you can become focused on making your ex pay for his mistakes. However, the type of revenge that involves slashing his tires and spreading lies about him won't make you as happy as you'd think. It's better to get revenge in a healthy way that will help you get closure. Here are a few suggestions for anyone who has recently been dumped or cheated on and wants sweet revenge:

1 Move on

The best revenge is to find a new man that makes you happier than your ex ever did. Finding him should give you more than enough closure, but you can always post pictures of the two of you together in order to make sure your ex sees them. He deserves to know how great your life is without him, so don't be shy and flood your Facebook with the images. He's probably still checking it to see what you've been up to.

2 Have Fun with Friends

A man isn't the only thing you need in life. After a breakup, you should focus more on your friends than finding a replacement boyfriend, anyway. So if you don't have any kissing pictures to post online, post photos of all the fun you're having with your friends. He'll hate to see what he's missing out on.

3 Get Fit

You should exercise, because it's healthy--but also because it'll boost your self-confidence. If your ex sees how toned your legs have gotten or how slim your stomach is, he'll be kicking himself for losing you. Men are visual creatures, so use that to your advantage.

4 Sell His Gifts

If you have photos of him that you can't stand to look at, burn them. If you have gifts from him, sell them. You might as well make some money from them instead of tossing them in the trash. Plus, it'll give you a sense of closure now that all of that stuff is out of your room and your life.

5 Change Your Hair

Changing your hair or trying a crazy new makeup style will get as much attention as getting fit will. Once he sees how beautiful you look, he'll remember how beautiful you were on the inside as well. Of course, it's his loss, because you're never going to take him back. He's stuck with his stupid decision.

6 Post Your Success

Don't be afraid to brag. If you get a new job, post about it online or text him the good news if you're still on speaking terms. He deserves to know how successful you are. If he doesn't already see what he's missing, you have to remind him.

7 Be Happy

Being happy without him is the best revenge that you could ever get. It doesn't matter what's bringing you that joy. It could be caused by your new puppy or by your recent promotion. Whatever it is, be thankful for it, because it's helping you see that life doesn't end once your relationship does.

If you try to get revenge on an ex by being cruel, you'll end up feeling worse about yourself than before. That's why you need to use these healthy ways to get revenge. They won't only help you get closure, but they'll help you move on! Have you ever tried to get revenge on an ex?

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