7 Lessons about Love You Learn from a Break up ...


7 Lessons about Love You Learn from a Break up ...
7 Lessons about Love You Learn from a Break up ...

Going through a break up is tough. You may feel sad or have regrets about the relationship. One good thing about going through a break up is that you’ll probably learn some lessons about love. Those lessons can help you going forward in future relationships.

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Love Has to Be Freely Given

One important lesson to learn about love is that it has to be freely given. You can’t force someone to care for you, no matter how badly you want them to. Generally this is a lesson you learn if you were the one that didn’t want the breakup and still had feelings for your boy/girlfriend. I think this lesson helps you to realize what makes love so precious. It’s a complete and total gift.


You Can’t Change Someone

This is a difficult lesson to learn and one that can take a long time before you truly get it. You probably know this in your mind but do you really know this in your heart? Sometimes people think they can push others into changing but the truth is that none of us can change another person. Any change that comes is because that person chose that. Accepting that people are as they are and won’t change unless they decide to is a lesson in love that can come from a break up.


One Person Can’t do All the Work

Relationships need input and effort from both parties. Without it, they’ll eventually die. Both people have to want to be in the relationship and be willing to work to keep it at it’s best. You can’t do it all on your own. Sometimes this’s a lesson you learn through a break up.


Don’t Lose Yourself in a Relationship

Another important lesson to learn about love is that you should never lose yourself in a relationship. Your relationship should absolutely be a priority and your first priority if you commit to marriage. However, it shouldn’t be the only relationship in your life. Maybe you got a little too wrapped up in your relationship and lost touch with some friends because of it. You may have even lost touch with some hobbies and personal interests you used to enjoy. Going forward you’ll know not to make this mistake again.


What You Don’t Want

One very big lesson in love that you learn through a break up is what you don’t want in a relationship. If your ex-boyfriend had some traits that you didn’t like then you know not to get into a relationship with someone else like that. One good thing about break ups is that it makes you evaluate the relationship. You think about things and what you do and don’t want in future relationships. This can help you to know what to look for going forward.

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Listen to Your Gut

There’s truly something to this, ladies. If you’ve got a nagging feeling that something isn’t right in a relationship then your feeling is probably correct. You’ll find that your intuition is right far more than it’s wrong. Maybe you had a bad feeling in your last relationship but you ignored it. A lesson you can learn is to always listen to your gut.


Time Heals All Wounds

This is a lesson that time will show you. You will heal from the heartbreak of a break up. I know it seems like you won’t at the time but you will. Time is healing for all kinds of hurts in this life. In the meantime, treat yourself with compassion and kindness.

These are 7 lessons about love that you can learn through a break up. Are there lessons you’ve learned in this situation? You’re welcome to share.

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Great things that i really needed to hear.. Hard breakup right now for me and i know time will heal me

Love urself more than u love ur partner

Going through a tough break up at the moment praying things will get better and try and se if things will work out again

Very true. Number 1 especially

I thought that I would never get over my break up but I can testify that for anyone feeling like this, I assume you that you will. Be good to yourself. It just takes time and you WILL be so much stronger. X

Sure I have learnt to know what to watch out for in a relationship

sometimes even though you love a person it just isnt meant to be doesnt mean it makes it any easier


I battle this heartbreaking pain everyday that my boyfriend actually had to put an end to our relationship because I was getting way too serious for him and in his society, love marriages are considered to be a crime. I just don't know whether it was my fault to love a guy who's first priority is his family? But yes I disagree to one thing where it says 'Time can heal any sort of wound' but mental wounds can't be healed. From love you get either a partner or a lesson for life. I got my lesson and I won't do that again. For me, getting into a relationship with a guy who stays beside you till eternity is the best. But it's hard to move on. :/

Very true!! Great article

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