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The idea of sending a love letter is awesome. Being the recipient is even more awesome. It is so sweet and though it may seem old-fashioned in our electronic-obsessed world, it is still a genuine display of affection. So if you are going to send a love letter, you want to invest some time and make it special. Wants some tips? Read on!

1. Think before You Write

Though it seems like in films and on TV, a person can create something miraculous by just sitting down and letting the pen fall on the page, one of the best tips for writing love letters is to carefully consider what you are going to say before you start. Getting too emotional can just cause the letter to become an incoherent and messy monologue. Your romantic message could be lost!

Address Them in a Special Way


The Queen of Bitches
Am I the only one here who writes love letters to dead people?
Purity SouthernGirl Marsh
My boyfriend of two years just asked me a week ago to write him a love letter...this is just the icing on the cake!! Thank you so much!
Neecey Beresford
@Margarita, What a lovely habit. I hope it continues for a long time ^_^
Neecey Beresford
@Wendy, I'm truly charmed that I inspired you. Thank you so much.
I don't write love letters but may start now thank you sweetheart this is wonderful
I write a least 1 love letter to my husband a month and he loves them.
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