9 Exciting Date Ideas for Animal Lovers ...


9 Exciting  Date Ideas for Animal Lovers  ...
9 Exciting  Date Ideas for Animal Lovers  ...

It can be hard to think of new date ideas after you've been in a relationship for a while. However, if you have something in common, like your love of animals, then there are plenty of exciting things that you two can do. Here are a few of the best date ideas for animal lovers like you:

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Visit the Zoo or an Aquarium

Certain zoos and aquariums will let you feed goats and pet penguins. Even if you don't get the opportunity to get up close to your favorite creatures, it will still be fun to get a glance at them. Plus, think of all of the adorable pictures you can take with your boyfriend in front of the pens and tanks.


Go Horseback Riding

If the weather is nice, then you can go horseback riding with your boyfriend. You can choose between taking separate horses and riding side by side, or riding the same horse together. Either way, it'll make for a romantic evening.


Decorate Bird Feeders

If you two are crafty, then you can create something special for the birds in your backyard. All you need to do is grab some pinecones, peanut butter, string, and bird seed to create an adorable snack for them. If you're not sure how, follow the instructions at theoutdoorparent.com.


Take a Walk with Your Pet

If one of you has a puppy, then you can take it for a walk around the block together. Even better, if there's a dog park nearby, you can go there to throw a ball or frisbee around. Not only will you spend quality time together, but you'll also get exercise.


Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

If you want to give back to the community, you can volunteer at an animal shelter. That way, you'll get to help homeless dogs and cats. If you have the time and money, then you could even adopt one of them.


Volunteering together strengthens your bond and lets you see a more compassionate side of each other. You'll be cleaning cages, feeding animals, and maybe even helping with adoption events. It's an opportunity to witness your partner interacting with animals, which can be incredibly endearing. Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture the precious moments of you both surrounded by furry friends. Remember, your collective effort won't just potentially spark joy in your relationship, but it will also make a huge difference in the lives of those lovable creatures waiting for their forever homes.


Eat at an Animal-Friendly Restaurant

There are some restaurants that are pet-friendly, which means your dogs and cats are allowed inside. If you can't find any of those places in your town, then you can head to a pet shop with your animal instead. Most of them will let animals enter, so they can look around at the bones and toys with their owners.


See a Dog Show

If there's a dog show in town, you two can buy tickets for it. If you don't have a pet of your own, then you can discuss which breed of dog you'd like to buy when you move in together. It's a great bonding activity.


Do a Charity Walk to Raise Money

There are plenty of charity walks that aim to raise money to help animals. You two can sign up for one and see how much you can earn for all of those puppies and kitties that need your help.


Go Scuba Diving

If you two are brave, you can take scuba-diving lessons or sign up to swim with sharks. If that sounds a little too intense for you, then you can rent a boat to watch for whales and dolphins.

If you love animals, then you'll love going on these dates. What other kinds of animal-friendly dates have you gone on in the past?

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Great ideas

@Shay Yahalomi I completely agree with you. If you're an animal lover, you wouldn't support animals in captivity just for your own enjoyment.

I love animals! And I agree with Nia. I've also always wanted to see a dog show. Ever since I saw one on scooby doo when I was a kid lol

Im an animal lover. Also volunteered at a shelter and a rescue zoo. And work at an animal hospital. Last thing you would want to do is support a zoo! Unless its animals that were rescued! Example: palm beach zoo! Do your research please and stop supporting zoos. Those poor animals dont want to be in a cage or simulated habitat.

Volunteer with animals, either at a stable, therapeutic program, horse rehabilitation program or other animal rescue group not involving cats.

@Nancy I totally agree with you!!

Number 7 would be so fun!

I want to visit the zoo/aquarium and also go horse riding with my man sometime

@Shay Yahalomi completely agree with you! This post is so wrong. True animal lover won't do this. And only a vegan restaurant can be called an animal-friendly restaurant :(

True animal lovers wouldn't ride a horse or go to the zoo/aquarium....these are actually animal abuse! Also by seeing a dog show you support an industry that makes profit off of them, you also support buying them and not adopting them which is by far better!!!! Gosh this post is wrong in all kinds of ways!

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