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How to Be a Better Girlfriend? I'm sure it's a question you're constantly asking yourself right? I know I am! I want to be the best girlfriend possible, so I've interviewed a dozen guy friends, and read a handful of dating books, and I've gotten lots of great advice on how to be a better girlfriend... I'd love to share what I've learned! Here are 7 tips on** how to be a better girlfriend**!

1. Give Him Space

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The number one complaint I heard when interviewing my guy friends about their girlfriends was that their girlfriends didn't give them enough space. Guys don't like to be smothered. They want time and a space to call their own, so don't invade either. That's the very first in my list of ways to be a better girlfriend for a reason.

2. He Needs Guy Time, Too

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Just like you need time with your girlfriends, your guy needs time with his friends, too. Give him that time, and he'll appreciate it. Give him that time without complaining and he'll REALLY appreciate it!

3. Be Attentive

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Don't you love to feel like the center of your man's universe? Give him that feeling in return. Remember the things he tells you he loves and hates, and put that knowledge to good use. He'll be happy you're paying attention, and you'll be up for Girlfriend of the Year.

4. Texts Are Your Friend

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Embrace modern technology, girl! Send your guy a sweet, sexy text once or twice a day, one that's sure to make him smile, one that doesn't even require a response. Keep it simple and sweet (β€œThinking of you...”) or slightly suggestive (β€œCan't wait to see you tonight...”) but keep it brief.

5. Go Risque

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Let's talk more about sexy. Guys don't want to date tramps, they want to date nice girls (generally speaking). Be nice... but also, once in a while, just for him, be a better girlfriend by being a little risque. It's fun... and it's sure to be appreciated.

6. Be Supportive

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If your guy is having a tough time at home, work, or school, be a better girlfriend and be supportive. Don't offer unwanted advice (leave that to the guys) but just listen and commiserate. Chances are, he's gotten loads of unwanted advice already, but not enough non-judgmental support.

7. Don't Mother Him

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Your guy already has a mother, and doesn't need another one. Don't feel like you can β€œfix” your fellow, or worse, make HIM think you're out to fix him. He's not dating you because he wants another mother. He's dating you because he wants a girlfriend!

You know what I like best about this list? All of these ways to be a better girlfriend are so easy to do! I've already incorporated some of these how to be a better girlfriend tips, and I think I might be nominated for the Girlfriend of the Year award... which of these will you try first? Or do you already do all of these things? Do tell! We'd love to know if you have more tips on how to be a better girlfriend!

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