7 Tips on Maintaining Relationships when You're Depressed ...


Maintaining relationships while you’re depressed can be extremely hard. I know for many people, life in general can be tough during periods of depression. Having to face others who once knew the healthier, happier you, can feel embarrassing, shameful, and even downright frustrating. You might feel like you can’t be yourself around others because you’re trapped inside the walls of depression. First, know these things are all completely normal to feel. Most people suffering depression experience this, but there are some ways to still maintain relationships with those you care about and who care about you. Over time, maintaining relationships while you’re depressed can be a critical part of helping you heal and recover, so don’t isolate yourself.

1. Do Small Things

To make sure you’re maintaining relationships when you’re depressed, occasionally do small things with others. It doesn’t have to be anything too dramatic, or overwhelming, just something small: maybe a coffee date; a chat on the phone; a short visit with them if they ask to come over; or, maybe it’s as simple as lunch. Doing small things with people in your life is one of the best ways to maintain relationships. If you don’t, they may feel like you’re pushing them away, and might not understand why you’re isolating yourself from them when they just care about you.

Focus on the Long Term


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This is a very helpful article! I find that it not only applies to depression but any long term illness. I've been sick for eight years and go through months of good days and then months of bad days. ...
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It really helps me 😇😄
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Athena Morning-Star
Thank you, I really needed something like this. I battle depression now and again, some days are just awful but most days are good. I have trouble with my boyfriend thinking it's him causing my depres...
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