Things You Should Never do after a Breakup ...


Things You Should Never do after a Breakup ...
Things You Should Never do after a Breakup ...

There are certain things to never do after a breakup. I know that when you are going through that difficult time period, you feel very emotional, hurt and angry. But you cannot allow your feelings to push you into doing something that isn’t good for you or that you will regret later. Avoid these things you should never do after a breakup if you are going through one or have been through one recently.

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Ladies, most of us have been guilty of this. Nevertheless, it should be one of the things to never do after a breakup. I can promise you this. That comfort you are getting from that quart of ice cream you are inhaling each night is not going to give you long term comfort. In fact, you are very likely to regret it later when your jeans no longer fit.


Beg Him Back

This one is very important. Never, ever beg him to come back to you. Not only will it make you feel terrible about yourself but it will not work. Desperation never attracted a man, ladies. Even if you do want him back, you don’t want to tell him that, at least not in begging. You want him to come crawling to you, not the other way around.


Think Your Life is over

Going through a breakup is just horrible. I well remember that feeling and have even been through a divorce, which is the worst breakup of all. But you will go on. You don’t feel like you will at the time but you will. Remind yourself that you are strong and you will get through this.


Stay Shut up in Your Room

Staying shut up in your room is not a wise thing to do. It is fine to get off to yourself to cry for a while, but don’t let yourself stay in that place forever. After a day or two of letting your sadness out, come out of hibernation. You don’t have to paint on a fake smile if you aren’t happy, but don’t isolate yourself. It will only make you feel worse.


Refuse to Talk to Friends and Family

There are times we want and need to be alone when we are dealing with something as difficult as a breakup. But after a while, refusing to talk to friends and family is not good. They love you and want to support you in this difficult time. It would be good to allow them to do that. Let them help you through it.



While you do want to get back out there, you don’t want to do it on rebound. Wait until you find someone that you are truly attracted to instead of accepting a date to get back at your ex. Rebounding is not smart thinking. You are not ready to be out there if your mind is filled with thoughts of your ex and what they might think of you seeing someone else. Instead, turn to friendship for support to get through this.


Act Vindictive

Acting vindictive or spiteful is just ugly. Yes, you are angry and hurt. Your ex may have even done you wrong. But being ugly about it is not going to help you get even. It will just show them that they certainly don’t want you anymore. Choose to rise above it, which will really get to them.

Going through a breakup is hard. What have you found that helps when you are in this situation? Your experience could help someone else.

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Going through a break up with my first love right now, so difficult, he's moved on already though :/

Going through a breakup too. Hoping that this will help heal the pain.

So me:(

I'm going through a break up with my girlfriend of 2 years & it's so difficult cause we are still living together! And maybe doing so till September and it's only April now! So that's 5 months! Sighs..

Me and my boyfriend are on and off. Normally ive been chasing him but im sick of it. I just want him to chase me and make me feel like he actually cares.

My boyfriend n I have just broken up it's so hard not to contact him. I want him to call me n chase me n show me he cares n will fight to win me back

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