7 Ways to Stop Being so Clingy with Your Guy ...


7 Ways to Stop Being so Clingy with Your Guy ...
7 Ways to Stop Being so Clingy with Your Guy ...

Learning all of the different ways to stop being so clingy is so, so hard. Trust me, I'm a clingy person too and to be honest, it's hard to stop! All you clingy girls and guys out there, don't worry, I've got the top ways to stop being so clingy, so that your guy will loosen up and so that you can actually save your relationship and have a little room in it. So, you ready to see how you can stop being so, so clingy?

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Relax a Little

I know that being clingy might be part of your personality a little bit, but you've got to learn to relax! One of the top ways to stop being so clingy is to not think about what he's doing and instead, just focus on the relationship and what's happening between the two of you. You never should worry about what your man is doing when you aren't around unless you don't trust him.


Talk Yourself out of Being out of Control

Did you know that you can actually talk yourself out of being completely and totally out of control with your boyfriend? You can calm yourself down and really talk the crazy out of yourself. Why are you out of control? Have you ever asked yourself that? Consider the options and consider why you might be pushing your boyfriend away girls and boys!


Trust Him

Now, this point only applies if your boyfriend has never, ever given you a reason to not trust him, to not completely put everything into him. If he's given you a reason not to trust him, then you need to decide if you and him can build that trust again. Remember, a relationship has to be built on trust.


Talk to Him about Your Fears

Have you thought about talking to your boyfriend about why you are scared and why you are so, so clingy with him? Girls and guys, this is where you've got to be honest. You've got to tell him that you are clingy and come up with some reasons why you are clingy; he needs to know.


Understand, It Might Be You

This could be hard to face, but truthfully, it could be you. Have you ever thought that maybe you are a little too clingy? That you are just the type of person that absolutely needs to cling to someone? You've got to dig down in yourself to figure out if it is just you.


Don't Make Yourself so Available

Ah, this is a good one if you find that you are constantly available for your boyfriend! You shouldn't always be at his beck at call girls and boys; you actually should make yourself busy. It'll make him miss you and prove to him that you aren't as clingy as you could be.


Plan a Ladies/Guys Night out

Finally girls and boys, why not plan some time out without your boyfriend? This is something that everyone needs to do, especially when they are labeled clingy. Go out dancing, go out and drink, heck go out and play mini golf. Do something without your spouse and see how it feels!

So, these are just a few of my suggestions that you should take whenever your boyfriend says that you are being way too clingy. What are some of the other ways you can stop being clingy? Give 'em up!

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I never used to be clingy, but I've been with my guy for 10 months & it has turned me into a clingy person. I barely socialize with anyone except my boyfriend. Not sure how to go about it.. Don't want to be the clingy type but I'm trying my best to change it

Great article ! I might be clingy but I have a reason to it. I don't want him to get attention from another women or feel the need for that. And once I give that space he wants what happens... The worst.

Glad you came up with one

Thnx you help alot!!!

I realized the best thing to do is to play the game. The less I initiate affection the more he comes to me

I'm clingy and I hate it so much. I've realised that I have a problem. I'm scared of getting hurt. So I tend to hold on so he won't hurt me. Pathetic I know.

What does that mean when he says "call me", you call him and he starts talking to afriend and says "call me back in 30 min, I'll text you when you can call me"...I'm confused.

It was just recently when i realized that the reason why my relationship fall is my being too clingy. And now that i figured it out, self-help articles are really helping me a lot. Its hard to control this strong clingness but ill take your advice...

I'd say, overall, just find something you enjoy and which relaxes you, and make yourself busy! Go and walk around and check out the shops in the area.. Or buy a magazine and sit down in a coffee shop for a while.. It'll make both you and him realise that you don't need him around all the time!

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