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7 Totally Legitimate Reasons to Cuddle More ...

By Kelly

Whether you love or hate cuddling, it is great to know these legitimate reasons to cuddle more. Cuddling is great for both your personal health and the health of your relationships. From chemical releases to better social skills, cuddling is an all around awesome thing to do. So grab your partner, turn down the lights, get under the covers, and feel the effects of these reasons to cuddle more.

1 It Makes You Happy

The simplest of the reasons to cuddle is that it makes you happy. According to Shape Magazine, cuddling releases oxytocin, which known as the “feel-good” hormone. You might think that cuddling up with your partner makes you happy because you are close to each other, but there is actual science behind why cuddling makes you happy.

2 It’s Sexy

If being happy isn’t enough of a reason to cuddle, how about that cuddling makes you feel sexier? Regardless of if you cuddle before or after sex, cuddling is an intimate act between you and your partner. Your heart races and every touch send chills up and down your spine, which is pretty similar to the feelings you get during sex. If you cuddle before sex, there is a pretty good chance that it can lead to sex anyway.


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3 It Reduces Stress

After a long day at work, you might want to try unwinding with a cuddle sesh. Like I mentioned earlier, cuddling releases oxytocin, which makes you happier. But this chemical can also help you lower your blood pressure and levels of anxiety and stress. Cuddling is a way better option to de-stress than eating or having a meltdown.

4 It Strengthens Your Bond

You are more likely to feel closer to your partner after falling asleep in their arms or spending a few hours cuddling up under the covers. Even between mothers and babies, cuddling and touching have been proven to help create and strengthen the bond between two people. The same effect has been found in hugging between people. If something as simple as hugging can help create a stronger bond, imagine what a few hours of cuddling can do for your and your partner.

5 It Fosters Communication

Most relationships rely on non-verbal communication just as much as verbal communication. Many people don’t realize that cuddling is great form of non-verbal communication. It can help you express that you are there for each other, you care about each other, and you will protect each other. After that non-verbal communication is established, it will be easier for you and your partner to express your thoughts and feelings to each other in both forms of communication.

6 Boosts Memory

WOW! This oxytocin is great for everything! Not only does the “cuddling hormone” increase your happiness and reduce stress, but it can actually help you remember things. According to neuroscientists, oxytocin can help improve your memory. It apparently enhances pathways in the brain related to social memory. And the best way to release oxytocin is a nice cuddle sesh with your loved one.

7 It’s Fun

If you have ever snuggled up with the person you love, you know how nice it can be. It's you and your partner under the covers, just wrapped up in one another. I personally can’t think of a better way to spend the night with my boyfriend. You can talk to each other, joke around, and play with each other. Most of the reasons to snuggle might be health related, but this one is as simple as that cuddling is just fun!

Some people love to cuddle and some people absolutely hate it, but regardless of which one you are, cuddling is great for you! Try to cuddle a few hours a week with your partner and see if you start to see any of these effects. What did you think of these reasons to cuddle? What are some other great reasons to cuddle that you know of? Do you love to cuddle or do you prefer to pass on snuggling?


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