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7 Ways to Get More Quality Time in Your Relationship ...

By Alicia

Quality time is something that every relationship needs. This is true when you’re dating, engaged or married. Every couple needs that in order to have a healthy and happy relationship. But life’s busy and quality time isn’t always easy to find. These are some ways you can get more quality time in your relationship.

1 Plan Traditional Dates

Traditional dates are a great way to get quality time in your relationship and probably the most popular way. That’s because we love dates! What’s not to love about them? You get all dressed up, you go out and do something fun together and have uninterrupted quality time. Every relationship needs dates, whether you’ve been dating a few weeks or married 10 years. Make it a point to plan dates to enjoy together.

2 Enjoy Everyday Events

Everyday events are great to share with each other. Watch a game with him or have him watch your favorite show with you. Even when you can’t go on dates, you can enjoy quality time. You could cook a meal together or wash your car together. A good thought to have here is that it isn’t what you’re doing, but who you’re doing it with that matters.

3 Make Use of Technology

Technology can help you to keep in touch all throughout your day. It’s a way to enjoy quality time off and on throughout your day. There are different ways technology can help you to squeeze more quality time in your relationship. You can email, text, Snapchat, FaceTime or use another method of digital communication. Whichever form of technology you decide to use, your relationship can benefit from it.

4 Meet up Midday

Maybe you have an absolutely crazy schedule that doesn’t give you many openings at all for quality time. This is when you have to take what you can get. Meet up to share lunch together or the 20 minute walk between school and work. No, it’s not enough but it’s better than nothing. Little snippets of your time in the middle of your day can help until you have more time to spend together.

5 Have Daily Routines

If you live together, you can have daily routines that give you quality time. Have your morning coffee together or a glass of wine after you put your children to bed at night. Maybe you could take a walk after dinner in the evenings. My husband and I have a couple television shows that we watch together each week. The point is that you find some routines to give you quality time together. This’ll look different for every couple.

6 Enjoy Stolen Moments

Stolen moments may be the sweetest. These are the little moments when you’ve both got other things to do but you take just a tiny amount of time for each other. It could be a kiss as you pass each other in the hallway at school or when you’re coming home and he’s leaving. Maybe it’s a few minutes to snuggle when you really should getting ready. Whatever way that you find them, stolen moments are small but powerful ways of having quality time together.

7 Make the Most of Time You Have

Sometimes life doesn’t allow you to spend much quality time together. That happens to every couple now and then. The important thing is to make the most of the time you have. Look forward to it and treasure it when you get it. If your relationship is strong, it’ll survive those times of busyness.

These are 7 ways to get more quality time in your relationship. What’s your secret to finding quality time in your relationship? Your answer could help others.

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