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10 Totally Turn-off Things That Guys Should Never See in Your Bedroom Seriously ...

By Jennifer

We all know there are a few things that would be a deal-breaker if we saw them in a guy's bedroom, but you'd be surprised what guys say would make them bolt from your bedroom. Are you ready to see the list of no-nos, straight from the mouths of real, actual guys? Let's have a peek.

1 Pet Hair 🐱

This is a hug turn-off for me, too! Apparently, some guys hate the idea of sexytime in a bed that's covered in dog or kitty hear, even if they're not allergic.

2 Food Scraps 🍕

This is so smelly and messy and gross! I don't know anyone, guy or girl, who wants to cuddle up in a room that's covered in pizza crusts, snack wrappers, and moldy coffee cups. Ick!

3 Photos of Old BF 📷

Why would you keep photos of your old boyfriend (or worse, wedding photos with your ex) on display in your room? It's okay to keep them of course, but sweetie, put them away!

4 So Many Stuffies! 🦄

Unless you're still in high school, it's probably a good idea to decorate like an adult, and that means putting your prized plushies away... including that unicorn your mom bought you for your birthday when you were 12.

5 Sex Toys and Stuff 🍆

Sex toys are awesome, and it's fab that you use condoms... but maybe put these away, instead of leaving them lying around?

6 Selfies and Such 🚩

There's a fine line between confidence and narcissism, and some guys feel that more than a dozen framed selfies in your room can be a bit of a red flag.

7 Litter Box 🐾

This kind of goes without saying, but your bedroom sanctuary is no place for a smelly cat litter pan, full stop.

8 Overflowing Garbage 🗑

I can't believe anyone would have an over-full trash can in their bedroom, but a few guys mentioned this, so I thought I'd better include it.

9 Drugs 😲

Prescription drugs? Of course they're okay, though they should probably be in your medicine cabinet, for safety reasons. But illicit drugs? How about no, not at all? If you're using drugs, please, love, get some help!

10 A Mess in General ✨

Before your boy comes over, it's never a bad idea to tidy up and maybe even change the sheets -- set the mood, sweetie!

Now it's time for turn-about... What are your boy's bedroom turn-offs?

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