9 Small Things You're Saying That Are Turning Him off ...


9 Small Things You're Saying That Are Turning Him off ...
9 Small Things You're Saying That Are Turning Him off ...

Ever get the feeling you're turning your guy off? Whether it's a new fling or a steady relationship, sometimes you say things you don't realize, and sometimes those things are a total turn off to him. Read this list of some turn offs that you can completely avoid by thinking before you speak.

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You Lie

person, woman, girl, lady, beauty, Yeah, this shouldn't be listed, but sometimes little white lies can be a turn off too, so it's best to always follow the "honesty is the best policy" rule of life and not say things that aren't true.


You Act Dumb

photo shoot, abdomen, Despite what some chick flicks have taught us.. Guys don't like dumb girls! They want a girl who can hold a conversation-who can say smart things that contribute to the world around them. Playing the ditzy act is only going to make him lose interest in you and that's not good. Stick to your strong suits and let him love your intelligence!


You're Self-Centered

hair, person, blond, mouth, emotion, Again, seems like a no brainer, but there's plenty of girls out there that don't seem to get the hint! If you want to keep him interested and you want him to continue to fall for you--DON'T make you the center of your world! Share your accomplishments with him, yes, but don't turn every conversation into something about you. He'll drop you quicker than you can say, "me" if you do.


You Play Games

human action, white, black, black and white, person, A little jealousy is okay (and even healthy) in relationships. But don't rub other guys in his face to get a rise out of him. Don't pretend to be someone you're not only to have the truth slip out later. Be real. Be you. And let him love you for that! Pretending and playing games is only going to turn him off on every level and he'll end up bailing on you.


You Nag

face, mouth, screenshot, sense, Whine whine whine! Guys HATE a girl who whines (although I'm sure they like one that wines-haha get it?) Anyways... Don't complain day in and day out about everything. Be humble and grateful for what you have vs. ungrateful for what you don't have. We all have days where everything is going wrong and we need to vent, but don't make that every day. He will be turned off in a instant if you do. And don't complain every time he wants to go out with the guys. Use it as time to stay in and binge watch your chick flicks without his groaning.


You Call Him Pet Names

entertainment, stage, screenshot, It's always cute to be called babe or hunny, but then there's those times it's not. If you overuse pet names (like calling him Mikey instead of Michael when you know he hates it) then you need to stop. He's seriously so turned off by that obnoxious and disrespectful behavior that you're going to lose him if you continue.


You're Immature

audience, interaction, While this may sound like a personality trait, hear me out: if you speak in nothing but gossip, and you're a bully to others, and you laugh obnoxiously because you think it's cute-STOP! He isn't interested in that kind of behavior. I don't care how old (or young) you are, you are turning him off by acting childish and mean. He wants someone he can respect and who others respect, your mean girl attitude is not it for him.


You're Clingy

, Do you blow up his phone when he's not around with texts and calls? Do you get mad if he instantly doesn't answer? Newsflash for ya: You're. Turning. Him. Off! If you didn't figure it out already, you're clingy and obsessive behavior is not doing you favors in terms of your relationship. Tone it down a bit and watch things turn around for the two of y'all.


You Say No Too Often

person, blond, glasses, hairstyle, supermodel, Sure, you're not always going to be in the mood when he is; just like he isn't always going to be in the mood when you are. But if you find yourself turning him down for sex night after night, he's going to get annoyed and eventually he's going to stop asking all together. Try to find time where the two of you can be in the mood together so your physical life doesn't die on you.

Do you fit any of these categories? Are you working on changing? What do you think turns a guy off that's not on this list? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!

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Anything else?

What about when you lie how to fix it

Amen to all of this! Every women needs to read this is take it seriously!

Try not to be clingy change it for something else like cook a nice meal something to take ur mind off it

Hey I've been very clingy and it turns him off and I feel like he's about to leave

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