7 Traits of a Respectful Boyfriend That Your Mate Should Possess ...


You don't want to enter a relationship unless your man has all of the traits of a respectful boyfriend. There's nothing wrong with having a little fun with casual flings, but if you want to settle down, you have to find the right person. If you're with someone who doesn't appreciate how wonderful you actually are, then things will crumble quickly. Here are some important traits of a respectful boyfriend:

1. He Provides Privacy

Relationships require trust, so he should believe you when you tell him that you're being faithful. He shouldn't be snooping through your phone and asking to listen in on phone calls. If he really trusts and respects you, he'll believe that you're telling him the truth at all times. One of the most important traits of a respectful boyfriend is letting you have your privacy, because he knows that you would never betray him.

He Won't Employ Peer Pressure


You got that right Dagoddess!
A respectful man should be able to put his mobile device down for a while and catch up on your day with you.
Wanita Brown
A respectable man, should be understanding and responsible
He is the perfect man. Glad I have him
he doesn't compare u to his past girlfriends
same to me:)
Loved the article.. Came in right at the time I needed it... Helped me realize he is not worth crying for..
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