21 Reasons to Date a Guy with a Man Bun ...


It's one of the hottest internet trends right now, but let's stop drooling for a few minutes and look at why the man bun has us in such a tizzy. It's rare that a male hairstyle or trend hits the headlines, which makes the spotlight on the man bun even more of a phenomenon. Brace yourself ladies: You're about to enter a gallery of man buns that will get your hearts a fluttering. You'll find plenty of reasons to date a guy with a man bun.

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Jared Leto

Jared Leto Via Jared Leto
Although many may have sported it before him, Jared Leto put his stamp on it and it came to the world's attention. Would you argue that his is the ultimate man bun? If he looked as fab as this, why would you need any more reasons to date a guy with a man bun?


Oliver Proudlock

Oliver Proudlock Via 3 Key Men’s Hairstyles For ...
If you're a fan of Made in Chelsea, you'll know that the man bun has been Proudlock's signature look since the beginning of the series a few years ago. And as the owner of a T-Shirt design company, you'd get some great style tips.


Street Savvy

Street Savvy Via Patterson Maker
The guy with a man bun can teach you how to go casual with nonchalance.


"half up-half down"

"half up-half down" Via REFLECTIONS
A guy with this much confidence is sure to help you build your own.


David Beckham

David Beckham Via Did I borrow this look ...
Don't you want to date a successful, confident guy? (Ok so Becks is not on the market, but he's a role model to look for in others).

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Long Hair Twist

Long Hair Twist Via 4 Long Hair Style Ideas ...
A man who can twist his long hair into a bun with insouciance is sure to be going places you want to follow.


Harry Styles

Harry Styles Via Log in | Tumblr
Isn't one of the best reasons to date a guy with a man bun so that he can serenade you? Of course, it helps if he is a member of the biggest boy band on the planet.


Sexy Beard

Sexy Beard Via Log in | Tumblr
If you love facial hair, a top knot and a well kept beard is so sexily symmetrical.


Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper Via beyondblackwhite.com
And if you don't like a full beard, maybe sexy stubble does it for you?


Office Ninja

Office Ninja Via Men, beards and fashion
He gives off a "don't mess with me vibe!" that will make you feel secure and protected.


Neat and Trim

Neat and Trim Via Community Post: 20 Man Buns ...
When you boast to your friends about your guy's buns, you won't be talking about his butt (although that's mighty fine too!)


Stylish Too

Stylish Too Via Home - Ernest Alexander
A guy with a top knot has his own definitive sense of style.


Bathroom Etiquette

Bathroom Etiquette Via s264.photobucket.com
You don't have to worry about leaving hair in the tub or shower, because he'll be doing it too.


Grunge Mode

Grunge Mode Via Sign up | Tumblr
One of the things you may have to accept when you date a guy who loves a top knot is that he may ruin guys with short hair for you, forever.


Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio Via Leonardo DiCaprio's Man Bun Has ...
What's one of the shallow reasons to date a guy with a man bun? He may be one of the hottest actors on the planet!


Undercut Bun

Undercut Bun Via The Undercut Bun Aka The ...
You just know a man who cares this much about his hair will love to talk about your next cut/style.



Dedication Via Community Post: 20 Man Buns ...
A man like this knows the meaning of hard work and dedication. It takes patience to grow your hair long!


Morning Man

Morning Man Via Maximiliano - Google Search
They look good in the morning and don't worry about bed hair.


Jake Gyllenhall

Jake Gyllenhall Via 5 Man Buns That Somehow ...
How many "looks" can a man with short hair have? There are far many more options for a man with extra length to his tresses; one day up, next day down, top knot, messy bun ...


Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth Via Dominic by Julia Blank for ...
Couples should share experiences. What's more fun than both going to the salon together for a trim?


Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp Via BOY TALK: Long Hair vs. ...
Who wouldn't want to date a guy who is this comfortable in his own skin, erm hair.

Ladies - no matter what reasons to date a guy with a man bun might sway you, remember - a man is more than his man bun!

What's your preference? Long or short? Just enough for a top knot?

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Bearded men are the best! I don't really care about the hair if it's long or short; but the beard is a must ^_^

Why ?

Agree! Men with long hair gross me out..they seem not groomed somehow. .

With or without a bun I like some facial hair

So sexy!!!

To me somehow they look like cave men with the exception of Johnny Depp of course lol

So sexy! Real men can pull that off

Over rated and ugly

Not for me!! I love my man with short hair and clean shaven!

@AK - completely agree!0

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