7 Hottest Accents That a Man Can Have ...


7 Hottest Accents That a Man Can Have ...
7 Hottest Accents That a Man Can Have ...

Women usually claim that the hottest accents a man can have are the ones that they don't hear very often. If you live in a certain location, you become used to the way that the men around you speak and the magic is lost on you. That's why we're always drooling over men that come from different countries than the ones we grew up in. Although opinions vary, here are some of the hottest accents a man can have:

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The obsession with Benedict Cumberbatch has to do with more than the way he speaks, but his accent certainly doesn't hurt. It wouldn't be difficult to listen to him blabber all day long, even if the subject of his speech was geometry. For some reason, a British accent is one of the hottest accents a man can have. There's just something about their pronunciation of words that can make a woman swoon.



How sexy is Colin Farrell? He has an Irish accent that's impossible to ignore. Whenever he stars in a new movie where he doesn't use his real voice, it's hard not to be disappointed. His actual accent is just too intoxicating. It's all that you want to hear.



Whether a French man is speaking in English or in his first language, he'll sound irresistible. He comes from one of the most romantic places on Earth, after all. The way he speaks will convince you that he's a pro when it comes to romance, even if he's not. The voice has a way of tricking you.



Some people get Scottish accents confused with British or Irish, but it's an entirely different sound. While it's not all that difficult to tell them apart, it is difficult to decide which one you like listening to more. They all have a special way of speaking that will get your blood pumping.



Enrique Iglesias knows how to move his body and sing sweet lyrics to seduce any woman he meets. His accent only makes him hotter--if that's even possible. Try to listen to him hold a conversation without letting your mind wander to how sexy he is. It's a challenge that you won't win.



How could you resist Hugh Jackman? Not only does he have killer looks, but he has an amazing Australian accent. If you've never heard him use it in a film before, check out one of his interviews so that you can delight your ears with his delicious words. If you thought he was desirable before, you're not going to be able to stand how attractive he is with an accent.


Southern American

Were you head over heels for Sawyer back when you used to watch Lost? His southern drawl is something that sounds sexy on some and off-putting on others. In his case, the accent made girls around the world go crazy for him. There's just something about a man from down South.

The right accent can turn a plain man into an irresistible one. Everyone has their own opinion on which accent is the hottest, but most people will agree that the ones listed above are pretty darn attractive. Which accent is your favorite one to hear? Have you ever dated a man with an accent?

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Great Britain consist of Scotland, Wales, and England.

OMG yasss

My husband has a southern accent, he's from Texas. When I first heard him talk I fell in love with it and thought it was so cute but I don't hear it anymore 😭

I think you mean to say 'english' when you say 'British' because to say someone is British they could be english, Scottish, Northern Irish, or Welsh

Italian accents are beautiful


I just love Scottish and Irish for no reason at all

Shut it barb

I really like African accents...

New Zealand should be on this list - Kiwis and Brits are my fave, my boyfriend's a kiwi actually 😅

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