7 Types of Breakups That Everyone Will Go through ...


How many types of breakups have you been through? Yes, that’s right – there’s more than one way to have your heart broken, or to do the heart breaking. Unfortunately, there is a variety of breakups that most people seem to go through at some point in their life, and most of them need to be dealt with in different ways to speed up recovery. Here’s a lowdown on the types of breakups you could go through, and some tips on handling them.

1. The Mutual One…

This is probably one of the best types of breakups, as strange as that sounds. It’s as peaceful and painless as it’s going to get when you’re dealing with splitting up a relationship. You both know that it’s not going quite right, or that this won’t last forever. You’re in agreement that you shouldn’t be together. There might even be a sense of relief among all the pain and emotion. The best way to approach this? Be honest with each other, and make the split as clean and quick as you can. And however much you want to be friends, agree on a few months of no contact first, or you’ll cause yourself pain every time you speak.

The Forced One…


Leaving a guy for watching porn...? Looks like you need a cat, instead.
Sapna Pathak
Nice article thanks
The last breakup was really painful for me. My friend suggested me this book http://plainjanereviews.com/the-language-of-desire-review/ to get a new guy. I have read this and there are pretty good tips.
I haven't gone through a breakup before, but this all sound pretty legit
Isabella Coles
I'm never going to experience any of these, I'm one of the few who will always be with my first love. :)
Karen Denning
You think everyone will go through all of these? Geez.
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