Types of People You Should Avoid Dating ...


Types of People You Should Avoid Dating ...
Types of People You Should Avoid Dating ...

There are so many types of people you should avoid dating. I know it’s hard to stay away from the hot guy or girl who has a reputation, or the mystery man or woman etc., but in the end, it’s not worth the pain and aggravation. Knowing the types of people you should avoid dating can help you have a happy love life.

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These are people that want something from you or can get or achieve something because of the association with you. If you have money, for instance, BOLO (be on the lookout) for this kind of person. Some of them can be quite shady and totally unsuspecting at first, then once they get their hooks into you they also manage to make their way into your wallet or bank account as well. It will start out the mall, such as you’re out on a date at a restaurant and here comes check time and all of a sudden your date claims he or she forgot his wallet or her purse when they changed clothes on the fly earlier.

From there they can work up to “Honey, I’m a little short on rent this month, can I borrow a couple of bucks”? Run girl, run! Don’t look back, just run! Once they start with this, it becomes constant, believe me, it does, and then resentment form on both sides and the relationship unravels. Happens every time. These are definitely one of the top types of people you should avoid dating.



Selfish people aka narcissists. They only want one thing….whatever is best for themselves. They’ll profess to do anything for you and make promises to you up the yin yang, as long as the end result is a big win for them. It wasn’t about you at all along, it was always about them. Narcissists can be the ultimate charmers, the most fun, the most out-going etc. They are just smart enough to fool you into thinking that they care about you. They don’t. They are completely self-absorbed and will drop you like stink in a heartbeat after getting what they want.

These are the people that everyone wants at first as all they see is a good-looking person who is fun and the life of the party. There are good-looking people who are the life of the party and are keepers but do your homework on them first. If he or she turns out to be a narcissist, run away from this type faster than the opportunist!



Come on ladies, we all know what a player is, and for some reason totally unexplainable, we all want them. Players and bad boys and girls are all rolled up into the same lusciousness. They are our krypton. They are dangerous. They are the mange. They love to be in that “first love” stage, it’s like a game to them knowing they do not want anything remotely similar to commitment or monogamy. Once they have had you, you’re done in their eyes. The thrill of the hunt is gone, the challenge is gone. They love being in love, the “honeymoon stage”, but once it’s over, the bottom falls out.

Boredom and lack of conquest sets in. You’re toast. You can also rest assured that this kind of person is seeing more than just you. However, if your mindset happens to be a player's mindset, then, by all means, knock yourself out with this kind of date, just be careful you don’t fall in too deep as this kind of person can be oh so easy to become attached to.


The Unbalanced

There are those out there that can function seemingly normal in the professional and social world until you get to know them more intimately. For instance, someone with terrible jealousy tendencies. People like this are more self-absorbed than narcissists and can go off the rails if they think that they are not getting all the attention from you. Or if anything at all goes left, if they feel threatened in any way, they can become angry in a nanosecond and even become violent.

Some of these personalities present themselves as being very possessive of you, to the point where they will try and keep you away from your friends and family, only for him or herself. Some of them can’t even handle thinking of you in your workplace if you work with other men or women. You’ll be forever apologizing to them and being careful about what you say and do so as not to upset them. You don’t want that kind of existence.

In this, the digital age, it is increasingly difficult to vet a good, kind, decent person as anyone can be anything they want behind a computer screen or cell phone. The dangerous ones can hide behind their words in texts, e-mails, and voicemails. On the other hand, again this being the digital age, one can also run a background check via the internet on anyone they want.

In a way, having to resort to using some of these methods of vetting, such as background checks is sad to me. It makes everything feel more clinical, but how much do you value your safety and well-being? Today’s world is not easy to navigate, but I hope that we all find the perfect love!

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