12 Unconventional Date Ideas for when You Want to Date outside the Box ...


12 Unconventional Date Ideas for when You Want to Date outside the Box ...
12 Unconventional Date Ideas for when You Want to Date outside the Box ...

Doesn’t it feel like, at this stage in the romance game, every single one of us has gone on every single type of date there is to go on? Of course, if the company is excellent, then you don’t mind as much, but there are definitely times and occasions when going on a more interesting date would be a welcome change. Here are some unconventional date ideas that might tickle your fancy.

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Book Shopping

We should all have more physical books in our lives these days, and going on a date to a bookstore is the kind of thing that can start a lot of fun conversation, and it can also help you to get a good idea of your date’s personality from the titles that he picks up!


Country Drive

Get out of the city and drive together to a spot in the country where you can enjoy a lovely walk and a tasty picnic. It can be really therapeutic to get out of an urban environment and enjoy some nature.


Take a Class

Find a class that both of you think looks fun and go along to it, it could be anything from cocktail making to pottery to a dance class! The whole point is that you are trying something new together.


Animal Shelter

Go and help out for a few hours together at a local animal shelter. There are always kitties and puppies that are in need of some TLC, and it can bring the soppy, soft side out in both of you.


Spooky Tour

A new trend in city tourism is that there is usually some kind of ghost walk or tour that can be found, so hold hands and go on one of those in the twilight hours. It can be really fun and different.


Mystery Picnic

Put a twist on the usual picnic date by bringing items for your date to eat rather than yourself. It’s a fun way to test how well you know them and how well attuned you are to their likes and dislikes.


Random Plane

If you have the money to do so, head to the airport and just hop on the next flight that is leaving! This isn’t one for a casual first date, but it can be incredibly exciting for couples to do!


Childhood Memories

Spend a day going around and doing all of the things that you both used to love doing as a child. Movies, an arcade, lunch at McDonalds ... all the things that will give a massive nostalgia boost.



If you are within driving distance of one, then head to the beach. Not everyone has the opportunity to be able to get to a beach in a quick time, so make the most of it!


New Foods

Make a date to go to a restaurant with a cuisine that neither of you has tried before. Even better, find a food market where you can walk around for hours, tasting new and exciting things.


Sneak around

If you want to be daring, you can always try sneaking in to somewhere after hours when it has closed! I’m talking zoos, theme parks, waterparks ... all that cool stuff!


Escape Room

Test your trust and patience in each other by going to complete one of the manny fun escape challenges that have cropped up all over the place recently.

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