7 Unrealistic Expectations Women Have of Men ...


There is a set of unrealistic expectations women have of men, which have been gradually shaped through Nicholas Sparks’s novels, romantic movies and even Disney shows. We get so caught up with these high expectations that we often mix our fantasies with reality and forget that those ideal men don’t actually exist. Here are 7 unrealistic expectations women have of men.

1. Know the Right Things to Say

One of the unrealistic expectations women have of men is that they should know the right things to say. We are all familiar with the scenes in romantic movies when the main male lead knows exactly what to say and how to say it so that the girl he loves falls for him. The main female lead suddenly gets smitten and they live happily ever after. Unfortunately, in reality that rarely happens. Sometimes it is more likely that men say the exact opposite of what we want to hear. We set ourselves for disappointment when we use fictional characters as a guide to choosing a partner.

Fight for Us No Matter What


My bf is masculine yet sensitive! :)
My man remains silent n does not say anything . He says when he is in his mood. He remains quiet. What should I do? Plzzzz help
I'm so fortunate&blessed!!After 3 children&20 years of marriage,he still kisses me good-bye&says"I love you"before he leaves for work,even if he gets called out at 3a.m.,&kisses me&...
My man does/is all that...:) I'm so lucky and amazed every day!
Ya Tan
Ohhhhh plenty.
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