7 Ways Men Think Differently than Women ...


7 Ways Men Think Differently than Women ...
7 Ways Men Think Differently than Women ...

We know that men are vastly different than us, but did you know that there are ways men think differently than women? Their minds actually work in a much different pattern than ours do. Learning about this is helpful because it really sheds light on the differences that you have and why some of your interactions are so perplexing. Knowing the ways men think differently than women can be very helpful to you.

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They Think Single, We Think Multiple

One of the ways men think differently than women do is that they tend to think about only one thing at a time. I don’t know about you, but my mind goes in many different ways all of the time. I can think of many, many different things at a time. Because men focus so intently on just one thing, they tend to be very ‘in the zone’ when they get into something and this is why. This helps me to understand a little more about my guy, what about you?


They Think in Pictures

According to some books I have read on this subject, men don’t always think in words to solve their problems. Like most women, I always think in words. Many men report that they think in images and picture different things to work out something that has them stumped. This is baffling to me, but I also respect that difference.


Men and women have different ways of thinking, and this is especially true when it comes to problem-solving. While women tend to think in words and use language to work out their problems, men often think in pictures and images. This phenomenon is often referred to as “visual thinking” and it is thought to be the result of biological differences between the genders.

Studies have shown that men are more likely to think in pictures than women, and this can be seen in the way they approach problem-solving. Men are more likely to visualize solutions to their problems, while women are more likely to use words and language. This difference in thinking styles can also be seen in the way men and women approach tasks such as mathematics and engineering.

Visual thinking can also be seen in the way men and women perceive information. Men are more likely to take in information visually, while women are more likely to process information verbally. This can lead to different interpretations of the same information, and can be a source of miscommunication between the genders.


They Really Can Think about Nothing

This one absolutely amazes me. When men say they are thinking about nothing, chances are they really are thinking about nothing. I envy their ability to turn their minds off to think about nothing. My mind is always on, every waking minute. So, when you ask your guy what he is thinking about and he says nothing, he is most likely telling you the truth!


Men are able to think about nothing more easily than women because their brains are wired differently. Men tend to focus on one task at a time, while women are better at multitasking. This ability to think about nothing is actually beneficial for men, as it allows them to relax and take a break from the stresses of life. It can also help them to be more productive when they do focus on a task, as they are better able to concentrate and avoid distractions. Men also tend to be more emotionally detached than women, which can make it easier for them to think about nothing.


They Think Logically

Women tend to be very heart-centered. We think emotionally about problems and all of our feelings are connected to any issue we may encounter. Men can actually turn their feelings off to solve a problem. While that can be an asset, it is one that I have trouble imagining doing as a woman. Just another difference in how our minds work.


They Think Slower

Most women are so in tune with their feelings that they know what they think and feel about any given issue almost immediately. I do. However, men are not always this way. They may need time to think and mull over the options in their mind before they make a decision. This can be frustrating to deal with when you know exactly how you feel and think and they don’t.


They Are More Analytical

Men are typically more analytical in most situations than a woman is. They have the ability to see things clearly and factually. While a woman can do that too, she may be distracted by her feelings and opinions on the matter. Men can actually leave their opinions outside of a situation to make an observation. This is amazing to me, as I do not have that ability.


They Cut to the Heart of the Issue

Men can cut clear through to the heart of an issue. We can see a major problem and not know exactly what the main problem is, at least that is true for me. For a man, they can easily see the problem from the beginning. I think this is because women tend to get bogged down in the details of a situation. Neither perspective is wrong, just different.

I have learned a lot about the differences in how men and women think by reading books on the subject. What do you think? Are these observations on target?

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One thing I have noticed is most women I know worry way more than the men I know. Of course everyone is different though.

For the most part it seems pretty correct. I mean it is true that women use both sides of their brain which allows them to think in the multiple dimensions while men can only think in one dimension well most men can. It's crazy to think that men can literally think about nothing! Even when I try to think about nothing I end up thinking about what nothing would "sound" like? I mean literally when I think I feel like I'm talking so I can "hear" my thoughts.... I don't know how that works but still!

Even though I'm female. According to this I think like a man. So not sure this is an accurate evaluation of the sexes.

Why must we be so simple ;-)

After reading this I'm convinced my bf & I hav swopd gender! Lol

How is it possible to think about nothing ?? o.o

#5 girl power ;)

Why must we be so complex.

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