8 Useful Tips for Getting over a Relationship for Good ...


Getting over a relationship is by far one of the hardest things in the world to deal with. Not only do you have to handle all of the pain, but also the mood swings and also the fact that you have to put yourself back together. If you've recently parted ways from your boyfriend and are trying to get over a relationship, you should take a look at the below tips. I've got the top 8 ways of getting over a relationship for good.

1. Don't Beg for Him to Come Back

It is definitely hard to deal with a relationship with has ended. It's also hard when you're getting over a relationship for good, but begging him to come back isn't going to work. It is going to be painful and what happens when he rejects you? It'll hurt even more! Don't beg your ex to come back, there are other ways to move past the relationship.

Cut All Communication


I just recently broke up with my boyfriend, we've been together for a little over a year. Right after the break up he texts me all day. He says he will wait for me in the future and that maybe my feel...
I was just dumped about a week ago. And it is absolutely horrible. I can't not see him because we go to the same college and have the same friends. I want to try to talk to him but I know I'll get rejected. This sucks
Heather Jensen
Hi Lekisha! I think that you deserve someone that isn't going to fight with you all of the time and someone that is going to be worth a relationship. I'd leave him be and just find someone that is worth your time! :)
lekisha woods
There is this guy who I dated for about a year now, and we just recently broke it off. I had doubts about weather he was the one for me before, but I pushed foward to see where things would go. He say...
Lyndsie Robinson
Hi Ashleigh, thanks for visiting AWS and I really hope I can help. You already know that it's a no-no to read private conversations, but the thing is, if I was in the same situation, I can't honestly...
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