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Vastu tips for improving your love life might be something you've never heard of. Vastu is a Hindu form of describing and studying architecture, and can translate to your love life in several ways.

Are you stressing about your love-life because things are just not happening right? Is there a certain je ne sais quoi missing from the boudoir? Is your boyfriend not giving you enough time or is he becoming too possessive? Is your girlfriend getting bored of your relationship? Well, look no further, as help is at hand. Vastu will sort out your love life.

Vastu is an ancient science from India. Yep! The same place from where kamasutra comes from. You would think that they would know a thing or two about setting things right when the love boat is caught in a storm, right?

Mostly, Vastu deals with how and in what direction you should build your home, place the bedrooms, the kitchen etc. to get the best in your life. But, even if we cannot change the way our house is built, we can do lots more to alter the vibes within our home. Especially in our personal spaces!

Here are some Vastu tips for improving your love life that can add spice to a lackluster romantic life and recharge the libido.

1. To Make Your Bedroom Vastu-friendly Keep the Clutter out

Rearrange your things in a way that everything looks neat and in its place. Do not hide the useless stuff inside a closet or under the bed. Throw it out! Positivity is created when there is cleanliness. Any useless, broken or unused things weigh one down, just as old emotional baggage tends to hamper one’s mental well-being. Getting rid of the clutter is one of my best Vastu tips for improving your love life.

Open Your Bedroom Door Wide


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