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The Negative Effects of Overthinking about Your Relationship ...

By Suzy

I feel like overthinking is something women are quite prone to. Are you wondering how overthinking affects your relationship? I was too. Even when things are going really well, there can be seeds of doubt in our mind about one thing or another and we can massively overthink even the smallest of things. I’m guilty of this myself, but I’ve realised it’s just not worth it. So here's how overthinking affects your relationship so you can stop doing it.

1 It Takes Away the Enjoyment

When you’re second-guessing everything and overthinking, you find your relationship just isn’t fun for you anymore and isn’t that the point – to be happy? Try and just enjoy the moment. That's one of the best answers for how overthinking affects your relationship so live in the present and let the future worry about itself.

2 It’ll Drive Your Partner Away

Nobody wants to be with someone who is constantly worrying and casting doubt over the relationship – it’ll just make them feel bad. Just stop and think about the effect your overthinking could have on your partner.


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3 It Won’t Change Anything

If he’s going to cheat, he’ll cheat. If it’s not going to work out, it won’t. Overthinking changes absolutely nothing. If you’re that unsure about the whole situation, maybe you should question if the relationship is the right thing for you.

4 It’s Exhausting

Overthinking everything is like a mental drain and exhausts you. You have a busy life, and you can’t lose focus on all the other things because your mind won’t rest about this.

5 Life’s Too Short

This is the thing – life is too short to worry about all the "what ifs." Obviously, sometimes worry comes naturally and we can’t help it, but when you stop overthinking your relationship, it’s almost as if you set yourself free. Of course, it’s far easier said than done, but if you relax your mind, you’ll feel far better as a person, and as a girlfriend.

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