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7 Perfect Tips to Make a Relationship Work when You're Both Busy AF ...

By Lucy

Work, hobbies, seeing friends and family, even sleeping…these things take up a lot of your time. That's why you need tips for making a relationship work when you both have too much to do. It’s even worse if you have opposing schedules; one of you gets home as the other rushes out. How can you make a relationship work when it seems like you barely have any time for each other? Well, the good news is that there are several things you can do. Here are some of the best tips for making a relationship work when you both have too much to do.

1 You Must Want to See Each Other

This may seem obvious, but a relationship like this will require more work than most. If you're unsure about your partner, it may be time to ask yourself if he is worth this effort. You have to both want to put the work in. And that's one of the best tips for making a relationship work when you both have too much to do.

2 Be Clear about Labels

Finding time for each other is difficult enough, without the added confusion of “what are we?” Be clear about labels and discuss what you are - are you exclusive or just dating? This can help avoid confusion further down the road.

3 Make the Most of Your Spare Time

Anything can mean a lot when your time together is limited. Even small gestures such as cooking dinner together or watching a movie can help.

4 Schedule Time for Each Other

This may seem restrictive, but planning ahead can help ensure that you make the time for each other. Not only that, but it can give you something to look forward too after a long week at work! Yes, this does include sex.

5 Discuss Annoyances

Little annoyances can build up quickly, so take the time to talk about it. Small annoyances lead to big problems and are often how relationships end. Even if it’s not doing the dishes or not texting ‘good morning’, take the time to communicate clearly with each other.

6 Put in That Little Bit More Effort

It’s easy to feel lonely after a few days of not seeing your partner, so small gestures can mean the world. Perhaps write him a note in his lunch or order him a small gift from Amazon. Anything to show you’re thinking of each other and that you care.

7 Embrace It

Try and make the best of a bad situation. Perhaps now is the time for you to take up a new hobby or start learning that second language? Use the time to devote to yourself, your friends and your family. Live a full life, as this will make you a happier person.

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