Great Ways for Women to Be More Carefree in Pursuit of Love ...


Great Ways for Women to Be More Carefree in Pursuit of Love ...
Great Ways for Women to Be More Carefree in Pursuit of Love ...

Are you looking for ways to be more carefree in your pursuit of love?

Let’s face it, looking for love isn’t always as easy and romantic as it seems in the copious amounts of TV and movies that we watch night after night! No matter how much you dream of finding Ryan Gosling on your doorstep with a box of chocolates and a bouquet of roses, it’s not going to happen. Whether we like it or not, the modern dating game can be more tortuous than it is enjoyable, and it can often lead to feelings of stress rather than sensuality! Our methods of pursuit can make things unnecessarily hard, especially if you treat finding love as a goal that needs to be achieved. Why not relax a bit and take a less intense approach? Here are some ways to be more carefree in your pursuit of love.

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Dismiss Your Expectations

One of the best ways to be more carefree in your pursuit of love is to get rid of your expectations. Forget everything that you have been taught about love by TV and the movies. When it comes to finding real love that will suit you and as an individual, there is no rulebook and no one plan that works for everybody. The fewer expectations you have, the more experiences you will be open to, and you never know just what might happen once you allow your mind to search in the direction that up until now had been closed off.


Be Open to All Possibilities

Try not to go in search of the ideal that you have already built up in your head; this is a sure fire way to be disappointed again and again. Try to be as open as possible to all forms of romance, finding it anywhere with anyone, not just in the locations and in the personality types that you always imagined it would happen. The more possibilities you open yourself up to, the more likely you will be to find the true, long lasting love that you long for. You really can find it in the most unexpected of places.


Love Yourself First

The old saying "you need to love yourself before you can love anyone else" really is true. There is no way you can fully give yourself over to someone in an emotional and physical sense if you aren’t completely happy with your own situation to begin with. Maybe take some time to work on yourself - meditation, me time, maybe even therapy - and get yourself in a more positive frame of mind before putting yourself out there.

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