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Ways a Broken Girl Loves Differently ...

By Heather

Dating a girl that has been broken down and emotionally stunted can be hard. We love differently, we have a relationship differently and we don't ever jump into anything with two feet because we're scared of getting burned again. Relationships are something that is hard for us to define and if you really want to love a girl that's been broken? It'll take time, patience and some magic that you've got to provide. Below, I've got a how-to guide on what can help you navigate through a relationship with a broken girl. If you are the broken girl? Don't worry, share this with your new boy or girlfriend.

Table of contents:

  1. We can be fragile
  2. Slowness is the best
  3. Opening up? it's hard
  4. We've placed guards around our hearts
  5. We have some secrets
  6. We can be really affectionate
  7. We put a hell of a lot of thought into a relationship
  8. We'll always be there

1 We Can Be Fragile

Yes. This is a very big piece to understand. We are damaged, we aren't someone that will immediately start to open up (that part comes later). We'll keep our distance in the beginning but once we realize that it's okay and that you are safe, we will be better. Please, treat your broken girl amazing, she's worth it.

2 Slowness is the Best

Slowness is going to be the best course of action whenever you are dating a broken girl. We don't want to reveal too much information because we might be scared you'll run away. We also like to take things one step at a time. This type of relationship isn't for the fast-talker, fast-mover. Take it completely slow.

3 Opening up? It's Hard

I told you, opening up is really hard. We don't want to let loose because we don't want to scare you. Give us some time and I promise, we'll open up. A broken girl wants to let loose their emotions but she has to be completely sure of herself and of her new partner.

4 We've Placed Guards around Our Hearts

This is a pretty common one, of course, we've placed guards around our hearts, we don't want to be a victim again. You've got to find a way to get around the guards to get to our hearts.

5 We Have Some Secrets

Of course, we've all got some secrets but our secrets are our emotions. We hide them, we keep them guarded and we have a really hard time letting anyone else in, so keep that in mind when you are dating us.

6 We Can Be Really Affectionate

Yep, we can. We like to kiss, cuddle, touch and hug and we'll give away all of it once we are comfortable with you.

7 We Put a Hell of a Lot of Thought into a Relationship

We also want to make sure that we are comfortable in a relationship. We put thought into it, we put ourselves into it and we are a little choosy.

8 We'll Always Be There

We aren't the ones that leave all of the time, so, of course, we'll always be there. That doesn't mean that we'll get stepped on all of the time, though.

Whenever you are dating someone that is slightly damaged, you have to be patient, you have to make them feel comfortable and a girl that is damaged is going to love differently. Keep all of these points in mind!

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