The Ultimate Pros and Cons of Getting Back with Your Ex ...


The Ultimate Pros and Cons of Getting Back with Your Ex  ...
The Ultimate Pros and Cons of Getting Back with Your Ex  ...

There are a lot of reasons to get back 🔙 with your ex and sometimes, it makes sense. After all, if you are both in love 💓 still and you both want it, it makes sense to get back 🔙 together 👫 right? There are pros and cons to everything in a relationship 👭 and that includes getting back 🔙 together 👫 with your ex. If you're considering it, don't fret girls, I've got a list you've got to see before you make a final decision.

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Pro: You Know 'em

hair, person, blond, beauty, brown hair, You know what they like, you know how they are going 🆙 to react and you know them pretty well. They might be your ex but you were probably friends first 1️⃣ and that means a lot right? That means that shopping 👖 for them, going 👣 out to eat and just in general, things are a little easier.


Con: You Know 'em

hair, person, beauty, hairstyle, mouth, On 🔘 the flip side, you know them. You know what they are like 👌 with their temper, what they fight 👊 like, what annoys them. This could be good 👍 and bad because while you know everything good 👍 about them, you also know everything not so good 👍 about them too.


Con: Old Habits Can Come Back

darkness, sense, singing, It's easy, really easy in fact to slip right ✅ into old, bad habits. Trust me on 🔛 this one, it becomes something that happens when you get back 🔙 with an ex and that could mean that you'll end up 👆 as exes again, especially if you haven't changed all that much.


Pro: It's Really Easy to Sink 🚱 into Comfort

facial expression, face, person, woman, photography, The pro side to this is that it is easy to slip right ☑️ into comfort 👟 too. That means that sex will probably come easier, that means that making out will be easier and that makes that just being comfortable 👟 and chilling out together 👫 will be easier. There won't be anything awkward, which is pretty good.


Pro: They May Have Changed

facial expression, hair, person, woman, girl, Did they change? Can you see it? This is another deep pro, you may see the change in them. All of the little things that annoyed 😤 you or that really hurt 😣 you in the past might be gone and you might be left 👈 with the perfect 👌 person!


Con: You Broke up 👆 with Them for a Reason

hair, face, human action, blond, person, And this is a reason that you'll never, ever forget. You broke up 👆 with them for some type of reason, some type of good 👍 reason and you probably will remember that the rest of your life. Keep that in mind if you are planning on 🔘 getting back 🔙 together 👫 with your ex.


Pro: You Already Have Memories

cartoon, comics, AND, HAVE, SOMANy, The cool 🆒 thing about getting back 🔙 together 👫 with your ex is that you'll already have the memories together. You've probably built 💪 a life 💓 together 👫 before you broke up 👆 and now, you can pick up 👆 where you left 👈 off, which is amazing.


Con: You Have History You Can't Forget

image, male, mouth, skin, organ, Now, onto the con, you've got history. You might remember every single 1️⃣ fight 👊 that you ever had. That's not a good 👍 thing and you should never bring that stuff up 👆 in a new 🆕 argument.

Now that you've got low-down on 🔛 what really happens when you get back 🔙 together 👫 with your ex, are you going 🆙 to try it? Have you ever tried it? Share your story!

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