7 Ways to Be Mysterious and Arouse His Curiosity ...


Playing games is not a favorable way of captivating a man’s interest, but there are ways to be mysterious that can eventually become habitual and natural. Men love mystery because they are constantly being surprised and pulled in farther to the unknown. This will prevent him from being bored with you after a short time of dating. These ways to be mysterious can be useful in the beginning stages of dating or even after years of marriage.

1. Eye Contact

There are many ways to be mysterious, and racing up to a guy in a crowd full of people the moment you see him is not one of them. If you’re interested in someone, an effective way to tell him is by catching his eye. Making eye contact is a subtle, mysterious way to get a guy’s attention without appearing too interested. If the both of you maintain eye contact for a few seconds, he will feel summoned to you thinking it was his own idea. Men normally need a push to approach women, and this should be just enough to do the trick.

Don’t Be a Sharer


Jody Alcock
@Lina if you have his info it is the times of texting. Try that with small talk until you get the courage to speak to him personally. Just a suggestion. Good luck 😄
Melissa Valarezo
Mmm i think u should keep the eye contact technique and then talk about random interesting Stuff
Melissa Valarezo
Gap teeth must be in.. Too bad I already got braces. :/ lol
Victoria Pagan
That girls teeth in the picture scare me
I really like this guy in school and I think he likes me back I keep on catching him glazing my way but the problem us I get really nervous when u want to talk to him please please give me advice someone anyone!!!! Sorry for the long paragraph!!!!:)
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