Expert 🤓 Tips on Ways to Be Smart 💡 about Divorce 💔 ...


Sadly, I happen to be an expert in the subject of divorce and if you're ending your marriage, it helps to have some ways to be smart about divorce so you can get through it. Some of my friends say I should be a “divorce consultant,” if there is such a thing, since I happen to have multiple first-hand experiences in it. In one of those instances, I represented myself in the trial, all the while looking like Reese Witherspoon from "Legally Blonde." This all happened as I was entering year five of my divorce proceedings and after I had wasted thousands of dollars on attorneys.

I wish I would have hung my pride at the door of my attorney’s office the day I filed. I could have found better use for the money spent, but unfortunately, I brought my pride to the table and let it get in the way of my better judgement. Wanting to be right was the attitude I had and that is the attitude most have when they find themselves saying “I don’t” after saying “I do.”

My pride seems so unimportant now, especially since my ex and I ended up being very good friends, despite the real life “War of the Roses” remake we found ourselves in. We both regret the years of fighting, bickering and money mutually lost for our own causes. That's why I'm sharing these ways to be smart about divorce so you can do better than I did.

1. Forgive

It’s ok! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise or that you are doing anything wrong when getting divorced. If that is what you choose, or if that is what your spouse initially chooses, ultimately putting you in that position to agree, ITS OK! There is no winning or losing or doing it right or wrong when it comes to being in a long-term relationship. Life is too short to live with each other if you cannot mutually work out your differences so forgive yourself and forgive your spouse before you do anything else. That's really one of the best ways to be smart about divorce.

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