How to Get Back into the Dating Game after Taking a Break ...


How to Get Back into the Dating Game after Taking a Break ...
How to Get Back into the Dating Game after Taking a Break ...

Wondering how to get back into the dating game after a break? If you have ever had to pick yourself up and put yourself back together after a bad breakup, you will know exactly how scary and daunting it can feel to throw yourself back into the dating game after a long period of being in a relationship. Even if you don’t still harbour feelings for your ex, the thought of starting something new with a completely different person can still be big step to try to take. You may have gotten used to the particular romantic rhythm of your old relationship, you may be feeling vulnerable about being hurt all over again, or you may just be old-fashioned rusty! No matter what your reservations are, here's how to get back into the dating game after a break.

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Go Glam

You might have gotten into a norm of ‘comfort’ dressing in your relationship, and while that is completely fine, you might want to snap yourself into to a new era of your life by glamming up all over again. Glamming up isn’t just for the benefit of your potential new partners, it can also be an easy way to really boost your self-esteem, which might have taken a knock during your break up. One of the best answers for how to get back into the dating game after a break is to get glammed up!


Do Interesting Things

Going out for coffee or out to dinner is fine, but one way to make getting back into the dating game a little less daunting is if you revolve it around things that you already have a passion for and feel comfortable with. Organising a date, for example, that involves a hobby like hiking or a particular sport, does some of the ice breaking for you.


Don’t Expect Too Much

Don’t go on every first date with the expectation that this next person could be ‘the one’. That’s way too much pressure to put on him and on yourself. Instead, go in with absolutely no expectations at all, and this ‘low bar’ will mean that any positive aspects of the date feel even better than they would if you were already heading in with a checklist.


Be Good Company

Brush up on your interpersonal skills - it’s something that all long-term relationship leavers have to do. While in the relationship, you tend to create something of a shorthand with your partner, which means that you could spend hours and hours without talking to one another, but when this is a new person who hasn’t caught your wavelength yet, you need to make a little more effort with your conversation and attention skills!


Don’t Rush

It doesn’t matter if you think you can hear your biological clock ticking or something like that, the key here is not to rush into another relationship just because you liked the feeling of being in the old relationship before it fell apart. Use these early dating days to play the field and see what’s out there. Don’t treat dating like fishing, where you take home the first one that you catch!

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