Ways to Cope when Your BF's Bromance is Musculing in on Your Relationship ...


So you meet a guy and you fall head over heels in love with him. There’s only one problem; he’s got a brofriend, or a guy buddy who’s always around and seem to be in your relationship almost as much as your man. What’s a girl to do? These’re the ways that you can cope when your BF’s Brofriend is musculing in on your relationship.

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Start off with Strong Boundaries 👊

If you’re in the beginning of your relationship, you’ve got a strong and clear advantage. You’re at the perfect point to set boundaries. Boundaries are best set in the beginning. It’s a good time to talk about what’s important to you in a relationship, such as time alone as a couple. 👫 This gives you both the advantage of exchanging expectations with honesty.


Encourage Him to Have Time Alone with His Buddy 🏈 ⚾ 🎾

All hope is not lost if you’re already deep into the relationship. You can still change up the equation. One great strategy is to encourage your BF to go off and get some guy time with his friend alone. This not only shows you’re unselfish but sets the stage for you to insist on alone time, too. After all, you’re only asking for what you’re freely giving. 😉


Don’t Object if the Brofriend Hints He’s Not Welcome

There may be times that the brofriend hints he’s not welcome. When that occurs, don’t argue otherwise. It’s okay for him to get the message loud and clear. Of course you don’t want to say something rude back to him. This’s a time when saying nothing is truly saying something.


Don’t Make an Enemy out of the Brofriend ☮

You never want to make an enemy out of the brofriend. It’s not a good idea. It can bring out competitiveness in both of you and put your BF in the awkward position of trying to balance or even decide between you. This isn’t a competition. Have an attitude of kindness but not closeness with the brofriend.


Invite the Brofriend along Sometimes

One of the best solutions is to sometimes invite the boyfriend along. No, you’re not defeating the purpose. You’re compromising. You’re showing you’re welcoming to his friend at times. It can also help you out when there’re times you want alone time with your man.


Talk to Your Man and then Allow Him Space to Make a Decision 🔊

There’re times that you’re pushed to the brink and you have to confront the issue head on with your man. If that’s where you are then you have to lay your cards on the table. Tell your man what you can and cannot tolerate with the 3rd wheel situation. Also tell him you know you cannot control him and back away to allow him to make his decision. Yes, this’s a risk but sometimes you have to take them.


Find Brofriend a Girlfriend ASAP ❤

This’s sometimes the best solution of all. Find that brofriend a girlfriend! And make sure it’s one you like since you may be around her a lot. Not only will this give him a new focus in his life, it’ll give him understanding of your relationship since he now has one of his own. You can expect this to help him back away ASAP.

I truly hope this article has offered you some ways to cope. Is your man’s brofriend musculing in on your relationship? You’re always welcome to share here. 💕

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Let's be real, he's probably fucking his "Brofriend"

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